Kevin Kline: His Humiliating Run-in with Pal Jeremy Irons

We all know times are hard—but not so hard that an Academy Award winner’s reduced to driving a dilapidated Buick around the Big Apple.

Now if only Kevin Kline can convince his equally famous friend of that.

Kevin (left) to Jeremy (right): First "impressions" aren't everything.

Kevin (left) to Jeremy (right): First "impressions" aren't everything.

Interviewed on Milling About, Kevin, who snagged an Oscar for his role in 1989’s A Fish Called Wanda, chats about his latest flick, The Extra Man.

Co-starring John C. Reilly, Katie Holmes and Paul Dano, the low-budget comedy shot on location in Manhattan tells the story of Kevin’s Henry Harrison, an impoverished but brilliant playwright who makes ends meet by working as an escort for wealthy widows.

“When you’re shooting on the streets of New York—if you’re doing a driving scene, for instance—you usually have a police escort, which is this car in front of you,” he tells host Robin Milling.

“We couldn’t afford that, so it was just get out there, and we stuck a camera in the front of the car.

“I was meant to be driving at a very high speed so Paul Dano’s character could say, ‘Will you slow down? We don’t even have seat belts, good lord!'” Kevin, who has also won two Tony Awards, continues.

“So I’m trying to drive and create the illusion with the camera that I’m driving quickly and recklessly. The traffic was going about five miles an hour so there was a lot of weaving and the poor cameraman thought, We’re all gonna die! That was sort of fun.

CAPTION: "I could've been a stunt driver, but I got distracted by acting," Kevin, above with his sorry "Man" ride, tells us.

"I could've been a stunt driver, but I got distracted by acting," Kevin, above with his sorry 1974 Electra in "Extra Man," tells us.

“Actually, during that scene,” Kevin adds, “I ran into a friend on the street.

“We were at a full stop while we were reloading [the camera] and Jeremy Irons, who’s doing a play [Impressionism, on Broadway] was crossing the street.

“So I was like, ‘Hello, Jeremy. Oh, gotta go!’

“I think he saw that there was a camera in the back seat, or else he thought I had really fallen on hard times—because the car that my character drives was a jalopy!”

Click here to hear Kevin Kline’s full interview today at 12pm ET on Milling About.

Click here to check out the trailer for The Extra Man, which opens July 30

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