Leonard Nimoy No Barrel of Laughs on the Set, Recalls ‘Star Trek’ Stunner

Seems there was a method to Dr. Spock’s logic—but it almost drove one of his fellow Star Trek-ers mad.

Interviewed on SciFiPulse, veteran screen beauty Celeste Yarnall, who played Yeoman Martha Landon on a 1967 episode of the classic sci-fi series, recalls working with William Shatner, who played Captain Kirk, and Leonard Nimoy, who played Spock.

Celeste: Victim of Vulcan's cold shoulder.

Celeste: Victim of Vulcan's cold shoulder.

“Bill had such an amazing sense of humor, and I adored his wife, Liz. We were very good friends,” she tells host Ian Cullen.

“And I mentioned it to Liz. I said, ‘I just get his sense of humor. His sense of humor’s too fast for me. I go, ‘Oh, wait a minute, I got it!’

“It was just so much fun to work with Bill. On the other hand, Spock was so dry.

“Spock stayed in character all the time. I’d look at Bill, and I’d see Leonard in character as Spock and I’d go, ‘Bill, he hates me! He doesn’t talk to me off the set. He walks right by me.’

“And Bill would say, ‘No, no, no. He’s just staying in character. No, no, no. He loves you.’

“Well, you’d never know it from how he treats me.”

During the two-hour, two-part interview, Celeste also dishes about working with Jerry Lewis in 1963’s The Nutty Professor, and with Elvis Presley in 1968’s Live a Little, Love a Little.

To hear Part 1 of Celeste’s interview, click here.

To hear Part 2 of her interview, click here.

5 thoughts on “Leonard Nimoy No Barrel of Laughs on the Set, Recalls ‘Star Trek’ Stunner

  1. G Wilhelm

    @Marina… it’s been 40 years.. if that don’t have it right by now… Otherwise, great story…

    I’ve worked with actors like that.. so bad it was.. I was afraid to say “HELLO” to the guy, when I ran into him in the Grocery Store.

  2. jon

    ummmm I will not wait to hear an interview with a minor star trek actress if I am required to hear the entire beginning part of some silly sci fi show.


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