Lost Tony Bennett Interview: Pop Icon Recalls Shotgun-Toting Stalker—Who Might Still Be at Large

His heart may be in San Francisco, but Tony Bennett almost had his guts spilled all over Buffalo.

In a 1995 interview by Robin Milling—which has never before been made public in its entirety—the legendary crooner told our host of a homicidal stalker he encounter during the 1950s.


Because of him: "It's taught me to watch it for the rest of my life," Tony (above) said of being stalked by a psycho.

“When I first started, we had a tremendous scare that I’ve never really quite gotten over.

“I was up in Buffalo and there was a club owner there, Harry Altman, who owned the Town Casino,” Tony told Robin.

“He said, ‘There’s a whole stack of letters here and this man is threatening he’s going to kill you.’ He was a demented person who called me a communist one night or thought I stole his wife the second night.

“Each letter was more morbid than the last. He said, ‘I have a sawed-off shotgun.’ So we had FBI men around me, taking me to my room every night.

I really felt how it feels to be in jail because for the whole week I had been controlled by FBI men. He was just then foolish enough one time to say, ‘If you think I’m a coward, I have a sawed-off shotgun and when you come out of the backstage I’m going to shoot you.’ But he said, ‘If you think I’m a coward, here’s my address…’

“And the FBI ran in and found him. He wasn’t there but they saw the sawed-off shotgun in his drawer. When he finally got to his house, they caught him and then they took him to the police station. And believe it or not, he actually escaped at the police station.

“To this day we don’t know what happen to him. That’s a true story.”

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