Mary McCormack: Howard Stern Says My Boobs Are Great

CAPTION: "I feel so lucky that he's such a sweatheart," Mary (above) tells us of Howard.

"I feel so lucky that he's such a sweetheart," Mary (above) tells us of Howard.

It’s good to know that Howard Stern – who married longtime lady friend Beth Ostrosky in October – still loves his movie wife.

Interviewed on Mr. Media, Mary McCormack says the King of All Media to this day thinks of her as his queen.

Mary, 40, of course played Howard’s first wife, Alison, in his 1997 biopic, Private Parts.

When host Bob Andelman asks the actress, “You still in contact with Howard Stern?” she replies:

“I am. I was at his wedding this year.”

Later on, the married mother of two says she never thought that being cast as the mother of Howard’s kids would lead to a lifelong commitment to the shock jock.

“He’s been a great friend to me over the years. And I hope he always will be. I mean, who knew? You don’t expect it from Howard Stern,” says Mary, who plays U.S. Marshal Mary Shannon on In Plain Sight.

CAPTION: As Alison in "Private Parts."

As Alison, with Howard, in "Private Parts."

“He’s everything you don’t expect… He’s so lovely to me and always has been – and he says my boobs are great.

“So, you know, it could be worse.”

In Plain Sight airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on the USA Network.

To hear Mary’s full interview, click here.

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