Congresswoman Ashley Judd? Senator Judd? President Judd?

Is Ashely Judd eying the White House—or at least Capitol Hill? Could be, as she herself reveals today on Milling About.

“I just graduated Harvard [in May], from the John F. Kennedy School of Government and got a [Masters of Public Administration], and it was absolutely fabulous,” the Double Jeopardy star tells host Robin Milling.

CAPTION: "I cried in class I was so happy," the formerly depressed Ashley (above) tells us of completing her Harvard coursework.

"I cried in class I was so happy," the formerly depressed Ashley (above) tells us of completing her Harvard coursework.

“It’s a possibility that I could run for office some day. I mean, the Kennedy School is certainly the ultimate formal power factory, and I would consider myself reasonably well trained at this point because they are certainly fastidious and serious about imparting certain skills.”

But then the staunchly Democratic Ashely—whose latest flick, Helen, tells the story of a woman who has the perfect life, but whose world crumbles as her bipolar disorder re-emerges—tempers her enthusiasm about becoming an elected official.

“I’m not sure at this time it’s the best use of me,” she says. “I like my life being grassroots and visiting NGOs and spending time with people who are disempowered and being entrusted with their narrative, and taking it to governments and heads of state and people who influence policy in the media. I love that.”

Ashely—who in 2006 entered the Shades of Hope Treatment Center in Texas, for the treatment of depression—also discusses her own struggles with the disorder.

“Today, by the grace of God, I have really good recovery from depression. To walk that precarious line of playing the disease [in Helen] and yet not be in the disease was pretty fabulous,” she says.

“I sent the screenplay to two special clinicians I happen to have the privilege of being in relationship with and I asked their advice-Did they think I could pull off the disease without being in the disease? And their answer was so empowering and electrifying. Unbeknown to each other they both said, ‘How dare you not.’

“They had a lot of confidence in my emotional sobriety and my emotional stability and ability to practice good self-care and to self-soothe and reach out and surround myself with really healthy recovering people. And to take advantage of the fellowship of the spirit that exists amongst those of us who have committed to a spiritual way of life.”

Click here to hear Ashley Judd’s full interview.

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