Meat Loaf: Peeved at Record Label for Improper Promotion of His Latest Offering

Guess one out of two continents ain’t good enough for Meat Loaf.

Interviewed on Brandon’s Buzz, the superstar rocker—whose 1977 album, Bat out of Hell, yielded such hits as Two out of Three Ain’t Bad and Paradise by the Dashboard Light while selling 40 million copies—gripes about his latest effort, Hang Cool Teddy Bear.


"I'm at a total loss," Meat Loaf (above) tells us. "I don't understand the business at all anymore."

“It’s kind of being hidden at the moment in the United States, and that’s really a drag,” the Dallas native tells host (and fellow Lonestar Stater) Brandon Henslee of the concept album, which was released April 19 in the UK by Mercury Records and May 11 in the US by Loud & Proud Records.

“I’m very frustrated with the record company at the moment. I’m really frustrated with them here in America.

“I did a record skewed to a younger demographic. I realize [Loud & Proud] wants to hit the older demographic because they are the people who bought records before—but some of them are dead. I mean nothing personal, but some of them are dead and we want to keep the audience moving.

“It’s like a conveyor belt and they just keep saying, ‘Oh, we don’t know how to do that.’ And I’m going, ‘Oh my Lord, help me out!” Meat Loaf, 62, continues.

“I’m somebody critics love to pick on. I’m telling you, if U2 had done this record, Hang Cool Teddy Bear, it would’ve been the second coming. I honestly believe that.”

On May 28, as just one example, The Boston Herald gave Hang Cool a “C-“, writing, “Let’s face it, any album by Mr. Loaf that doesn’t have the words ‘Bat’ and ‘Hell’ in the title usually bites.

“This ambitious but lame effort, which inexplicably entered the UK charts at No. 4, proves the rule.”

To hear Meat Loaf’s full interview today at 11pm ET, click here.

To sample Hang Cool—and decide for yourself—click here.

5 thoughts on “Meat Loaf: Peeved at Record Label for Improper Promotion of His Latest Offering

  1. Caryl

    He’s so right!!

    But there’s a group of fans who are calling on Meat’s millions of fans to publicise this new, edgy and totally ROCKING new album through a campaign to get “Like A Rose” Meat Loaf’s & Jack Black’s raunchy ode to a femme fatale who’ll “kick you when you’re low, and **** you when she’s done” to the top of the UK Singles charts, and are calling on fans to join them on:
    and help spread the word round the internet like a brush fire!!

    And this weekend a new fan campaign to promote the album itself, with a major push in the USA, will open on:

    So whether you love Meat Loaf, love great guitar thrashed rock’n’roll, or are just fed up with bland pseudo-pop and want to stick it to the labels with a message that real rock’n’roll is alive and well, and Meat has dragged it kicking and screaming into the 21st century .. check us out and show the guys in suits that if they can’t get to grips with promoting a great new album .. stand back, cos the fans are on their way, and they mean business!!!!

  2. Mel Holmes

    Couldn’t agree more Caryl!! The fans need to make a stand and support our man! If the record companies won’t do their job, then we will! Let’s make a stand now!

  3. Suzanne Valentine

    I absolutely REFUSE to let Hang Cool Teddy Bear go unnoticed here in the US. Meat Loaf has been an oversight in the music industry for longer than I care to think about. What people don’t understand is that this album is the BEST ROCK ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2010, that was never promoted. It seems the label only promo’d the album to appease the artist, but they don’t know how to reach the 1,000,000’s of worldwide fans that are still alive. The younger generation are internet savvy. And the older generation of fans may not be as “surf” friendly. So what this needs is a kickstart grassroots style. The label doesn’t have the patience, but guess what MEAT’S fans understand AND we have patience, we have persistence, we have the fire in the belly drive to stand behind this icon with his conviction of Hang Cool Teddy Bear.

    In closing, get a hold of Hang Cool Teddy Bear and treasure it. The vocals are fantastic, the instrumentation intertwines with the hidden story of the songs. It’s modern and meaningful, it’s in your face rock and roll and most importantly it’s 100% Meat Loaf !

  4. Patrice Atkinson

    I was soooo excited when I heard there was a new album out, I pre-ordered it on i-tunes AND bought it through Amazon. As far as Meatloaf not getting the recognition he deserves, that is so true. I recently reviewed some of his previous stuff on Amazon and I had no idea he had done that many albums.Of course I bought them all and spent the day listening to them yesterday…and I love them all. I have to say Losangeloser is my fav on the Hang Cool Teddy Bear album. ROCK on Meatloaf


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