Medium James Van Praagh: ‘I Was Responsible for the Deaths of Millions of People’

What’s a military commander with an extremely large number of murders on his hands to do?

Become a world-famous medium, of course.

At least that’s the path taken by James Van Praagh, co-executive producer of the hit CBS series Ghost Whisperer.

Interviewed on Journey into the Paranormal, James recalls why he decided to devote his life to helping rehab his fellow man.

CAPTION: James: From slayer to soul-saver.

James: From slayer to soul-saver.

“I had a past-life regression with Dr. Brian Weiss once, and it was very interesting. It was for a group of about 200 people, and I was sitting in the back of the room,” he tells host Joseph Tittel.

“And Dr. Weiss said to ask yourself any question during the regression. And I asked, ‘Why am I doing this work as a medium?’

“And instantly I had a vision of myself as a child as a general. I was a general in many, many wars. I saw my face. The only thing that changed were the uniforms.

“I was in like 10 warsPrussia and the Civil War and other Russian wars and French wars,” continues James, whose new book is titled Unfinished Business: What the Dead Can Teach Us About Life.

“And I’m like, Oh my God. I was a general in all those wars and I was responsible for telling my men to kill people. I was responsible for the deaths of millions of people in those lifetimes.

“So now I came back in this lifetime to heal that situation. And I had to reach millions and millions of people to balance out that karma.”

To hear James’ full interview, click here.

To check out James’ website, click here.

5 thoughts on “Medium James Van Praagh: ‘I Was Responsible for the Deaths of Millions of People’

  1. Marge

    I just love James Van Praagh & Joseph Tittel. This was a great show & I tune in every week. Joseph is a wonderful host and an excellent psychic medium. Thank you Blog Talk Radio for giving Joseph the credit he deserves for being such a wonderful medium and radio host. For those who have not tuned into Journey Into The Paranormal, you are missing out on a really great show. Thanks again Blog Talk.

  2. Bob Crawford

    Great interview with a wonderful person. James is an interesting character and a talented medium. While you may or may not believe in mediumistic abilities, there is no doubt that he brings relief and hope to people through his work. Thanks again!


  3. Mizz Monika

    Amazing James is and Brings up an Amazing point is that when we are sleeping souls we are unable to know the importance of “balancing” out all our actions, thoughts,deeds in a universe that is so vast beyond human comprenhension.
    Jesus said it : forgive them father for they not know what they do”

    We are truly moving into amazing times and god bless James Van Praugh for being one of the many to go from commander of death to Master of bridging the gap between the seen worlds and the unseen worlds.
    Fasten your seat belts we are in for a ride of our lives.

    Mizz Monika

  4. karen field

    we are mother, father, sister, brother all are all to all and the christed ones says let us forgive ourselves as we walk blindly into love. we are not judged we have judged ourselves unworthy and now will reclaim our birth light rite. let us not perpetuate the lie of un love and separation in our human angel nation. the lower human emotions are all love and when brought into communion and union with the highest potential there in, we are free to see and be all the love we are not one is left behind.

  5. healthBest

    James must be a born-again missionary. How I wish, people of the same encounter as of James, will be come back with the same show off the karma…for Peace…


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