Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner: Frequent Movie Dates—with Matt Damon

CAPTION: "Comedians love other comedians. They feel loose. You can trust another comedian," Daivd (above) tells us of putting his new interview series together.

"Comedians love other comedians. They feel loose," David (above) tells us.

It’s good to be the king—of the remote control.

That, we imagine, is Mel Brooks‘ feeling about the semi-retirement he’s enjoying with fellow funnyman Carl Reiner.

Interviewed on Tomorrow Will Be Televised, David Steinberg—himself no slouch in the comedy department, having been an audience favorite since his first Smothers Brothers Show
appearance 42 years ago—discusses a new interview series for which he’s been busy chatting with the greatest comics of all time.

“It’s Steve Carell and I. Steve said, ‘Let’s do a version of what you did [for the 2005-2007 TV Land series], but do it and get everybody,'” he tells host Simon Applebaum.

“We raised the money ourselves, so we could probably sell it as a series. We already have interest…from a lot of cable networks for this. It’s me talking to another comedian.

“I interviewed Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner recently. Mel and Carl see each other once or twice a week and watch movies. And I said to Mel, ‘Well, what movies do you watch?’

“And he said, ‘Well we just watch The Bourne Identity over and over and over again.’ So I said, ‘Why do you watch it over and over again?’

Carl (left) and Mel: Bourne to be not-so-wild these days.

Carl (left) and Mel: Bourne to be mild these days.

“And he said, ‘Well, we’re old we can’t remember. We say, Did he kill someone? Was he here? He was here yesterday? Is he back today?’

“Then I asked Carl Reiner when I was interviewing him,” David continues. “I said, ‘Carl, Mel said that you guys watch movies together.’

“He said, ‘Yes.’ I said, ‘What makes you decide which movies to watch?’

“He said, ‘Oh, we look for one phrase.-Secure the perimeter.'”

To hear David Steinberg’s full interview, click here.

One thought on “Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner: Frequent Movie Dates—with Matt Damon

  1. Rachel Wealer

    I want to join your club ladies. I think Matt Damon is hot in so many ways. His body doesn’t always look as great as some of the other “shirtless” guys, but he is smart, sexy, and seems like a guy you’d love to talk to….among other things. I’ve seen all his movies, even Green Zone (you’re right Imaginerymen, great line “get your f*ckin’ game face on” I was gonna say it to my supervisor today but I thought better of it!) Shirt or no shirt Matt Damon is chameleon-like and becomes every character he plays, even the ones you wouldn’t believe he could. “How do you like them apples?” Great blog!


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