Michael Jackson: 1958-2009

Michael Jackson has died, tragically, at age 50.

The pop idol, whose music, choreography and fashion changed the face of popular culture, was rushed to the hospital shortly after 12:30 p.m. PT today, upon being found unconscious in his Los Angeles home.

He reportedly never regained consciousness.michael-jackson3

In commemoration of the artist, BlogTalkRadio presents Michael Jackson Remembered tonight at 10 p.m. ET.

The live, two-hour special will be anchored by Mr. Media host Bob Andelman and co-hosted by fellow BTR hosts Kevin Ross, Mutha Knows, Shaun Daily and MarQ with a Q.

Guests include Eric Deggans, TV and media critic for the St. Petersburg Times, who is from Michael’s hometown of Gary, Ind.

Bob will also be taking calls from fans around the globe who want to share their memories of The King of Pop – and how he impacted their lives forever.

To tune in, click here.

In May, pop diva Stephanie Mills told Mutha, “I thought I was gonna marry Michael. I was so in love with Michael.”

To read more about Stephanie’s affair with Michael, click here.

15 thoughts on “Michael Jackson: 1958-2009

  1. Comedian Stevie Mack

    I normally do my Thursday Night Rant show on Thursdays. In light of losing such a legend and icon like Michael Jackson, I dedicated my show tonight to his memory, inviting guest to share their feelings. I offered a plce to be heard, to mourn his death and to celebrate his life.
    Stevie Mack

  2. Communication is Key

    Michael Jackson’s music affected many people’s lives. He was a great entertainer and he will be forever remembered. Regardless of whatever else he did, his music and talent is all that matters to me. Much love to the Jackson family and all his many fans all over the world. Peace. Netta

  3. Bonnie Mechelle

    Michael Jackson was a magical music artisit. His music touched the hearts and souls of millions of fans all over the globe. The “King of Pop” will be missed dearly. It’s so sad how he passed away at such a young age, 50. His legacy will live on forever. RIP MJ. We all love you!

    ~Bonnie @ http://thehealthrevolution.us “Refresh your Mind with the Truth”

  4. Dillon Ollivierre

    Today June 25th the world moan the lost of a blessing
    Today people are all crying and stressing
    Today we have lost the king of pop
    One of the greatest who was on his way back
    Sold out shows with the expectation of an outstanding performance
    Dynamic music mixed with love and romance
    Classy dance moves
    So slick it will make any flower bloom

    We his fans are all crying tears of pain
    Lord our lost is your gain
    In the starry sky he dwells looking down on us
    His success as an artiste is beyond the human ability to lust
    We drown ourselves in his musical style
    The way he catch our attention and take us for a musical ride
    The black man who turned white
    We saw him as Michael and not black or white
    The prince of pop truly a blessing from above
    Michael we embrace you with love

    Like a candle in the wind you blew out
    On this day we scream we shout
    We shout Michael, Michael, we will forever love you
    Your music, your style, your energy, everything about you
    The boy inside the man
    The man who some never fully understand
    We your full blooded fans we saw you as a blessing
    Lord be with us as we drown in the stressing

    Michael Jackson and inspiration to dancers and artiste
    A promoter of love and peace
    A unique human being
    Michael Jackson a man blessed with musical loving
    To sing as though your in love with the lady call music
    To sing as though you never wanna lose it
    To sing as though you’re making love
    To sing as though you’re sinking deeper than ever in love
    To musically enter the room of love and advance stage by stage
    To be passionate yet gentle, to be romantic and not weird or full of rage
    To be the best lover you can be
    To be the one man who can satisfy your lady

    Today we lost the musical lover, the king of pop
    Today we have lost Sir Michael Jackson king of pop
    We live not to forget so today we put that box of memories in a special place
    We listen to his music and imagine his face
    We see him on stage dancing with passion and love
    We see him smiling as he sings and dance from up above
    Every rain drop he calls a blessing as he touches our soul
    When you look up connect the stars and Michael will be made whole


  5. Thomas Corriher

    There is no tragedy. Michael Jackson was a child molester, who slept with monkeys, and dedicated his life to whitening himself because being black was disgraceful for him, in addition to building a theme park to attract more young boys. Did I mention the thing about little white boys and monkeys? The history is a long one, and despite our false impression that the media was tough on him, it actually censored most of what he did, particularly outside the U.S.. It is a sad, disgraceful day in America when someone such as this is celebrated like a hero. Again, there is no tragedy, for the world is a better place now.

  6. Mari

    Michael Jackson is a legend. He will be deeply missed. He is the ONLY musician in our times that has been doing music since the age of 5. You can’t say that about any recording artist in this generation… Michael will live on forever in our hearts. He will never be forgotten. Michael is so talented. Who cares what he looks like what he has done (which I feel he’s innocent) because it’s all about the person inside. GOD is our judge NOT the media. Michael is my favorite artist but I feel like i lost a family member. He’s been doing music for 45 years. Nobody else can top that.
    My prayers go out to him to R.I.P. and to his family. We have lost a wonderful /remarkable/talented man. WE LOVE YOU MICHAEL.

  7. Rhonda

    You are a heartless idiot….your comments about Michael could have been kept to yourself….since you live a perfect life…I hope that you are able to answer to God for all you have done and I hope that you are accused of something you HAVEN’t done with NOONE believing you….I also hope it it a heinous crime and you will be judged GUILTY just as you have judged someone else because of ” media UNPROVED hearsay.”

  8. Mimmy Michael Jackson

    I’m writing this today monday 24/01/2011 to pay tribute to the True King of Pop Michael Joseph Walter Samuel Jackson.Oh! I love you, & is missing you as if you died today.I keep praying for your 3 children & family.You’ve found your purpose of being on earth & you play it with so much love that appeared incredible to your detractors.You did you work well.Thank you & God bless your soul.MIMMY


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