Michael Jackson Death Hoax: Is Superstar Still Among Us?

The King of Pop during his final days.

The Gloved One in his final days.

It’s been nine months since Michael Jackson died tragically from a drug overdose at age 50.

But millions of fans the world over have since come to believe that—outrageous as it sounds—the King of Pop faked his own demise.

Leading the charge on this conspiracy theory is British teen Tom Pickering.

Since November, Tom (aka PianoGames) has been amassing evidence, in the form of a YouTube series, that Michael did in fact carry out the alleged hoax.

“I know people may think my theory is a bit crazy, but the videos I have made have collected a total of one million views and I am getting 100 to 150 emails a day in support of the theory,” Tom told British website GetReading earlier this month.

“My parents were a bit skeptical at first but I have managed to convince them and my brother and sister, and we now all think that he is still alive and has just escaped to get away from the media,” he added.

Also this month, in a statement, famed paranormalist Uri Geller said of Tom’s investigation:

Tom (left) with Uri.

Tom (left) with Uri.

“Tom has some very interesting viewpoints and some of the evidence is very compelling but there are always conspiracy theories around legends like Michael.”

To decide for yourself, stop by The Carlotta Chatwood Show this Sunday, March 28, at 6pm ET as host Carlotta Chatwood, in Part 3 in her series, welcomes Tom and fellow investigator Maura Stephens for the latest on the global buzz about Michael.

To tune in, click here.

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To tune into Part 1 of Carlotta’s series, click here.

To read more about Tom, click here.

To check out Tom’s death hoax website, click here.

38 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Death Hoax: Is Superstar Still Among Us?

  1. Paul " SEQUENCE " Ferguson

    Well he was a friend, and one that always was 20 steps a head of the world, take a listen to the new CD SOUL MUSIC you might know the voices on one of the songs.

    Paul ” SEQUENCE ” Ferguson

  2. Bridgettp2007

    U know thats not something i would brag about i know i wouldnt want to know him and i would forget his name if it were me!!!!

  3. Judd Jugmonger

    Howdy. I tell y’all what, it really don’t make much of a hooha whether Michael Jackson is dead or alive, cause his music lives on to those what appreciate it … and if he were alive , he’d be pretty dumber than a barn doornail to come back and tarnish his life’s work, more than he did in his later years when he was alive. So, I wouldn’t put much stiock and hay seed into a conspiracy started by a youngin’ across the “pond” of all places what is tryin’ to get yotube brownie points off a some family’s tradedy, thinkin’ he’s gonna be a zillionaire off a “Google’s Adsense” program. Contrary to what this here article says, thar ain’t much of a “media buzz” about this issue… it’s the first I head of it. The truth is more energy should be put into tryin’ to encourge hard workin’ musicians and artists what are doin’ the best they can to break through without the controversy. And, if ya ain’t got nothin’ better to watch on youtube than this … try lookin’ up “Wild Granny Faye”, the Jugmongers, or Shane Dawson. All the best, – Judd Jugmonger

  4. Andreea (Romania)

    Michael is very much alive, I have no doubt about it!I’m a fan since…forever and I’ve studied him through the years.He is a GENIUS!…and he WILL come back as a DIRECTOR this time.You’ll see!I have faith and I believe in him.Michael isn’t stupid to let a unqualified doctor to kill him!!!Come on!Stop underestimate him!Congrats TOM!Join the club!:)

  5. Vince able

    @Judd I’m sorry but all of what you just said is BS. These people do the job of true police officers, true detectives where needed. It us due to our government and policing services that the world is in such turmoil and it’s people are lied and deceited to everyday. You’re just a pawn in thus puzzle and you are fooling for it.

    Besides, these people do not get paid as Google Adsense is linked to YouTube and YouTube do not pay if the videos contain copyrighted content. Face the facts and do research before trying to indoctrinate and/or mislead people. These kids are using a message beneath their videos. Love, hope, unity and change. It’s up to us to make that differnces and these people are trying to spread that hope. Lighten up and refrain from pessimism.

  6. Ben Grunwald

    I was searching articles for our website when I came across your post on Michael Jackson Death Hoax: Is Superstar Still Among Us? Sorry to say, Jacko is gone for good. But his music will live on forever.

  7. mitchell

    Rjm@uk .. if one day you woke up to find your kingdom torn apart even your best mates turning away in shame people out to wipe you out, you would not do the same.

  8. limor barak

    i wait all day to hear he come back….if he did’nt mean to that it’s be so so no fair, he have to come back ,too much peopel wait to him alive again….this so smart,to wrok somethink like that.if he will come back,all the world call him in bad and stupoid names again,but what they understand,they never dont can tio understand him,they to much selfish to that.i love you michael and always think on you.i hope you read that. limor barak from israel/

  9. Kelly

    Just wonder why death of famous people is so difficult to accept… sorry for the MJ Fans but as difficult as it may seem, sooner or later you have to accept the reality that MJ is gone…

  10. Catalina

    I do believe he is still alive…just think about it…how many things just don’t fit together…even Brian Oxman confirmed that the photo from the ambulance was fake…and another thing…the death certificate and also the will are fake…Joseph is not his real name…it is JOE…so why don’t we listen carefully his songs and wait for his BAM? MJ for all time…

  11. melanie josephson

    Michael would not do such a horrific thing to his fans or children. To even suggest it is ridiculous.! Has not the man had enough false allegiations surrounding his name, that even in death,, he must too, still suffer! My Mom once told me, “if you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say nothing at all”. Every negative, jealous asshole out their “SHUT THE FUCK UP”

  12. Mohammed Borunda

    Michael Jackson is just stunning. The entire entire world misses you so much! No-one can debate that Michael hasn’t changed pop music and pop culture across the world. He was a musical genuis and he was the motivation for many artists which were to come after him. I’m sure Michael continues to making music and videos in heaven.

  13. MJFan

    I have been following up on MJ death hoax articles since last June and its true nothing ever fits in properly and there is a lot left to be explained and inspite of all this the doctor has not even been charged yet!!!!! So it may be true that he is still alive but I doubt it that he will come back because if he did all this to get away from the media why would he come back and get into even worse medis frenzy than ever before!!! But whatever it is he is the best and he will always remain the best.

  14. Boo boo jones

    friends, i’am 71 years old i have been divorced 10 years. and most importantly of all , i love the lord with all my heart. and i’am still riviting with appreciation and awe at how quickly GOD answers my prayers. having said that, let me tell you with absolute certainty that Michael Jackson is ALIVE. as i write this he is wrestling with his thoughts as to rather he should come back for the millions of fans that love him so much and have been so loyal, or if he should stay with the peace that he has finally found. you cannot change some peoples mind no matter what, except divine intervention. but for those that have doubt, go in your room lock your door fall on your knees and with supplafication and graet sincereity ask god. i promise he will answer your question. our beloved MICHAEL is ALIVE.

  15. Aliciaa! (:

    Michael Jackson did NOT fake his death to escape the media!!! He did for another reason, which actually is very difficult for me to explain. ;p

  16. genny

    This is a message to Boo Boo Jones….and all friends and fans our beloved MIchael…if it could bring you comfort,I am here to say,
    I too know with certainty that our MIchael is indeed alive…but hiding….
    I have been shown that it is so, thorough answered prayers just like you Boo …and have experienced many amazing and thankfully reverent and revelant visions, about Mike..in which I could see clearly that MIke indeed is alive , but …I feel that he is hiding from something…or some one.
    I don’t wish to say too much about this visions that I have been seeing, and what I have been shown in so much detail, ’cause, frankly,firstly, who would believe it, and even if they did believe it,,I wonder,if my blubbering about every detail I was lucky enough to be shown, would somehow once again hurt MIchael in any way,and,…if it is his true wish that the reality of the matter would remain a secret for now or forever,
    Or worse,my so much talking about what I was shown, would wind up being lumped up with all the false deceitful talk of so many charlatans whose only purpose is nothing more than using Michael ‘s name to get their 5 minutes of fame ..
    There are many people that always try to gain everything and anything they can saying anything about MIchael Jackson…and to those charlatans, I say…stop using Michael…he has given enough of his wonderful and amazing talent and his great heart full of love to this ungrateful world…and please don’t say anything more if you have nothing nice to say about
    this great human …that is called MIchael Jackson…
    MIchael,besides being the best in what he does, is a great spiritual man, and his love spirit is so strong,that, I believe, that ,his spirit has found ways to connect with those that really can feel his spirit. It may be that is the true meaning of ..”.we are One.”
    I pray…that ,many among his fans who truly love him have found comfort to know for themselves, just like I was granted the opportunity to know for myself, that MIchael is still here with us, not that physical death would be the end of A Michael Jackson and his legendary accomplishments, but human, we miss Michael so.
    .Message to Michael…”.we love you more MIchael..and,MIchael..please feel no pressure at all from anyone, but do exactly what is best for you and your children for once,and may God continue to be with you”…
    “My personal thanks to the Almighty God and to you also dear Michael, for me to have been granted these messages through the blessed visions”.
    Again I say ,…I LOve you MIchael…and please, visit more of your fans the same as you visit here….and may God may grant it and make it possible for you to do so, cause , there are too many of your fans that are quite hurt over your “death” report…and missing you terribly…
    To those fans that are still hurting over the loss of MIchael, please believe me when I tell you MIke is alive…and try to find him in your own prayers and you will see for yourself what I am talking about…and to those who scoff about this whole approach of prayer and visions, well….every one to their own belief and spiritual progress…
    But people such as myself know,God is able to show visions and signs…to those who believe he has all the power in all Creation….and with God there is no secret even if it were the secret of the KINg of POP..here on Earth.
    May God Bless us all and our beloved MIchael..one of the greatest Gifts from God to humanity!!!

  17. nevaeh jackson

    MJ is alive, after hearing so much about this i decided to do my own investigatin. a thourough one. stodying MJ”S anatomy from a teen through adulthood. and i discovered many things. first MJ may have died years ago but he certainly did not die on june 25th. and after my research I”M 99% sure he is still alive. also i discovered on the famous bucharest video 2 MJ”S did that concert. a young MJ and a younger MJ. my research started on his dugits nor in lamens terms his fingers. lenth of fingers, structure ofhan, life lines in palm of hands. then his ears, his inside of his ears. which is very destintive. and his height, his thighs and his feet and shoe size. his eyes and the width between his eyes. and his nose and the cleft in his chin. and more importantly his body language. not enough space to write what myself and physicians discovered. but MJ is alive there is no doubt. and why should’nt he fake his death after the hell this beautiful, kind young man was put through. i only hopr he knows some laughter and joy where ever he is living

  18. nevaeh jackson

    MJ”S body double was well trained. to dance like MJ still MJ does it better. he also lipsings MJ”S songs. if you watch bucharest concert MJ does not jump out of floor his body double does. do you relly think lords of london or any body else who insured him would take a chance like that? at the end he does not fly and when the 2 MJ”S switch it is easily detected. and when he sings heal the world that is a shorter MJ jacket is also too big feet are smaller etc. it’s MJ”S voice but one of his body doubles is lipsinging. his body double is also singing smooth criminal. pay close attention. his body double does 3 of the nubers in that concert. look how young MJ looks at the end of black and white as apposed to earlier in the show. he had at least 2 body doubles. there is no way some one that made so many people so rich were not going to have body doubles in case something happened to MJ. they even did surgery on them to make sure they looked as much like MJ as possible. it must have been extremely stressful to walk in MJ”S shoes even though the money was good. i think it is one of MJ”S body doubles in casket if any one is in casket at all.

  19. nevaeh jackson

    if you nwant to know the truth about MJ, watch aphrodite true crime on ID channel on june 3rd (investigation discovery) if you missed it the first time. it’s worth watching!



  21. genny

    If MIke is Lucifer …then , pray tell who are you????

    Wake up Jasooonnn…it’s time to ask that important question of yourself first,and be as sure to answer it as affirmatively as your wild and maliciously judgmental statement that our blessed MIchael is none Other Than …LUcifer…(Satan..??Ther MOrning Star??)
    If you know that MIchael is Satan…then..all I can say is ..it definitely takes one to know ONe!!
    “Get thee behind me SATAn” ..or is it Jason what is his name????

  22. Christina

    Hi,Michael Jackson
    I love you more then anything in my life,because you are especailly to me.no matter what people said about you,I am know your music and just loving it!I am wish that people stop hurt you ,make me feel like to cry for you!
    Will you answer my question are you still alive or dead?

  23. lynn

    I’m deeply sorry dear M.J. fans, but, Michael Joseph Jackson is really deceased. Nobody wants him to be gone, but he truly is permantly separated from his body and I feel that though he is dead, he is still a very very lucky person. God bless the Jacksons.

  24. Tena

    He is ALIVE and i’m on the case. For more details and daily updates visit http://www.twitter.com/steamyhotlatin and I will take you throught the facts as we know them and show you some insights and things you may not have considered. Michael KNOWS the media is powerful and people often cheat themselves by accepting anything that is put in front of them when in fact all one really needs to do is THINK and INVESTIGATE the facts. The answer to this question about MJ being alive is in plain sight. Yes many other famous people have been said to really not be dead, but no others before him have left such a heavy trail of hints and clues, not to mention things right in front of our eyes. People are so passive and lazy and unwilling to do the work, but if you take the time to go over all the facts, see things as they really are, you will SEE the truth. the people who are doing the leg work are seeing the truth, but mark my words the king is….ALIVE!!!!!


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