‘Michael Jackson Remembered: 2010.’ Live Two-Hour Special—Friday, June 25—Recalls Day the Music Died


Michael: The Loved One.

On June 25, 2009, Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics got a 911 call that would soon set off a global wave of grief, the likes of which had yet to be seen in this century.

Michael Jackson lay unconscious in his bed at home; his personal physician, Conrad Murray,  not able to revive him.

Three minutes later, paramedics arrived. But they, too, were unable to wake him.

One hour and 59 minutes later, at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, the King of Pop was pronounced dead, the victim of an overdose of lorazepam, propofol and midazolam.

That the man many believed to be the greatest entertainer of all time had ceased to exist at age 50 was unimaginable. Overloaded with messages of the tragedy, Twitter crashed. So did AOL Instant Messenger and Wikipedia. Google, slowed to a crawl by the surge in traffic, appeared to be—as execs at the search giant initially believed—under attack.

The media, meanwhile—including BlogTalkRadio, with a live special titled Michael Jackson Remembered—went into marathon mode, honoring Michael while doing their best to capture the unparalleled outpouring of emotion from fans of all ages.


The Thriller is gone (l-r): Paris, Blanket and Prince at their dad's memorial service.

Twelve days later, more than 31.1 million people in the U.S. watched Michael’s memorial service at L.A.’s Staples Center, while an estimated 970 million others around the world tuned in, too. Among the Gloved One’s pals who turned out in person to pay tribute were Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie, Jennifer Hudson, Queen Latifah and Maya Angelou.

This Friday, June 25, on the one-year anniversary of Michael’s death, BlogTalkRadio presents Michael Jackson Remembered: 2010.

The live two-hour special, beginning at 10pm ET, and anchored once again from St. Petersburg, Fla., by Bob “Mr. Media” Andelman, will put into perspective the events that have come to pass since that sad day.

At the same time, we’ll open up the lines to callers who wish to share their feelings about Michael’s legacy, and recall where they were when they first learned of his passing.

Joining Bob will be five of his fellow BTR hosts: From Philadelphia, Mutha of The Mutha Knows Show; from Dayton, Ohio, Darryl Williams of WDKK Radio; also from Dayton, Tony Peters of Icon Fetch; from Evesham, N.J., Jacqueline Foreman of Your Mental Health; and from Nashville, Tenn., Janice Malone of Film Festival Radio.

Kid of Pop: How we'll always remember MJ.

Kid of Pop: How we'll always remember MJ.

We’ll also feature commentary from such guests as rocker Tommy James;  Michael’s one-time ladylove, soul diva Stephanie Mills; country music superstar Dolly Parton; Michael’s dad Joe Jackson; Weldon McDougal III, former A&R exec for Motown Records who traveled extensively with the Jackson 5; GC Cameron of The Temptations; and CNN News anchor Don Lemon.

To tune into Michael Jackson Remembered: 2010, click here.

To visit the official Michael Jackson website, click here.

9 thoughts on “‘Michael Jackson Remembered: 2010.’ Live Two-Hour Special—Friday, June 25—Recalls Day the Music Died

  1. elwood legette

    Sharon Nelson will pay tribute to Michael Jackson Her favorite artist of all time. Michael lived to entertain us with all his Heart and soul. When he spoke of love he really wanted us to love one another. He hoped that all the world loved him and they did. His name is known internationally. There will never ever be another artist like Michael Jackson. God bless you until we meet

  2. Abominogg

    I too love Michael Jackson. It is not every day that you met someone that can fool an entire species. He is great! I especially love how he manipulated your court system, as most of my rich friends do, to make you completely forget the scent of the young boys that he seduced which is still lingering upon his wonderful corpse to this day. Go Michael You are the best!

  3. Shayla

    No matter what negative things you say, or think about Michael Jackson…….he will always be loved by his true fans, friends and family. So many people want him to be a bad person, but at the end of the day…..he is a great and amazing person. He always will be. It’s strange to me that “Abominogg” says Michael Jackson manipulated the court system, as most of his “friends” do. What a statement. You admit that you are friends with bad people, yet you want to ridicule Michael? Wow……that is truly sad:-(

  4. Jefferson Begeal

    Michael Jackson’s death was a huge shock for me, although taking into account his situation it was perhaps not so unexpected. The child abuse charges brought upon him saw the beginning of his deterioration. As soon as he started to use medicines to simply get by, that was when there definitely wasn’t going to be a happy ending, if you ask me.


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