Mo’Nique: ‘All This Damn Weight Came from Popeyes!’

Don’t get Mo’Nique started on coming up the hard way.

But if you do, watch out, because the big beautiful funnylady’s got enough outrageous memories to keep everyone from Bangor, Maine, to Bakersfield, Calif., in stitches for hours.

Interviewed on Rodney Perry Live, Mo’Nique – whose late-night talkfest-variety extravaganza, The Mo’Nique Show, debuts Oct. 5 on BET – recalls the shock she got after getting paid for her first TV series.

CAPTION: "Nikki Parker gave me more security. Nikki Parker gave me more freedom, too," Mo'Nique (above) tells us of the character who made her famous.

"Nikki Parker gave me more security. Nikki Parker gave me more freedom, too," Mo'Nique (above) tells us of the character who made her famous. (Photo: BET)

“When I started The Parkers, I understood the money they told me I was gonna be making, but something about it still didn’t register,” she tells host Rodney Perry.

“The first week that I got my paycheck, it was in my dressing room. The accountant brought it into me and I set it on the table. And for a minute I couldn’t open it.

“But after maybe an hour, I opened up that check. And when I saw the numbers I got nervous. Because I knew that life was going to be different from that moment on – if I played my cards right. If I was smart with my money.

“So I take this check and call my mother. My mother had went to the Cadillac dealership. My brother went and looked at a house – a mansion. It was going down.

“So here’s where it gets good. The next week, the accountant calls and says, ‘Mo’Nique. I have your check.’

“I said, ‘No, I got my check last week.’

“He said, ‘I know. You’re gonna get 22 more of those checks.’

“Well, at that moment, me and God had a conversation, baby, that He promised me never to share with nobody.

“I know what it is bein’ at Popeyes at three o’clock in the morning, tryin’ to clean out them fryers. And you tryin’ to clean and eat that chicken at the same time.

“That’s where all this damn weight came from – Popeyes! I was eatin’ during my whole shift.”

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  1. Rev. Sherri Black

    Hi Mo’Nique,
    I would love to meet you. I have a book that I wrote that I would love for you to read. Maybe we can get a movie out of it. And trust me, I know all about the Popeye’s chicken. Good stuff. I also have a wonderful extended family that would love to meet you. But we do need to talk. i have some ideas that you need to know about. (Smile). Hope to hear from you soon.

    Rev. Sheri Black


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