Nicki Minaj to ‘Pink Friday Radio’ Hosts: ‘You guys are freakin’ hilarious and insane!’

Christmas came a little late to Nicki’s Latin Barb—four days late, to be precise—but when it finally arrived, it was no doubt the best one ever.

That’s because Nicki Minaj herself called in to congratulate the host of Pink Friday Radio, and her co-host, Luscious Barb, on doing a bang-up job on the fan front.

CAPTION: Nicki: The secret's out—this hip-hop queen's a huge fan of her BlogTalkRadio fan show.

Nicki: The secret's out—this diva's a big fan of her BlogTalkRadio fan show.

It all started Wednesday night, as Latin Barb and Luscious Barb (so named as Team Minaj fans, who are known as Barbies), kicked off their 90-minute special during which fellow Nicki fans were asked to call in with their Top 3 Most Memorable Nicki Minaj Moments of 2010.

Then, with on only seven minutes left in the show, the red-hot hip-hop star dialed in and said, “Hey, you guys. Wassup, y’all?”

To which an astonished Latin Barb replied, “Oh my God! What a surprise! I’m gonna cry.”

Moments later, Nicki asked our hosts’ names and ages. “I’m 17,” said Latin Barb.” “And I’m 19,” said Luscious Barb.

That was when the Trinidadian beauty (a mere 26 years old herself) quipped, “So, you guys have kind of been showing you’re asses on Twitter, huh?”—before getting serious.

“I just wanted to say that you guys are freakin’ hilarious and insane!” added Nicki.

Then the Check It Out singer, whose debut studio album, Pink Friday, dropped Nov. 22, proceeded to give a year-end shout-out to a slew of her Barbies around the globe.

She also said she’d try to call back in on tonight’s special New Year’s Eve edition of Pink Friday Radio, during which the topic will be “I’m Proud of Nicki Minaj Because…”

Click here to hear Nicki Minaj’s full surprise call-in.

Click here to check out Pink Friday Radio‘s New Year’s Eve special.

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    iam kingwallace host of the return of the kingwallaceradio show check me out tell nikky that its a detroit artist out here that she should hear when she has time or if you can play some of my music on ya show ill send mp3s if it is possible i have some clean good music not that i wanna be gangsta type crap jusdt good hip hop hit me if you can.thanks your doing a good job!


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