Scott Patterson on George Steinbrenner: Yankees’ Farm Team Way Key to Bronx Bombers’ Success (Though Not for Me)

Though Scott Patterson never got to play in the House that Ruth Built, he still acknowledges the Powerhouse Franchise that The Boss Built.

Interviewed on Olivia Wilder Times, the Gilmore Girls star—who spent four years pitching for the N.Y. Yankees’ farm team in the ‘80s—recalls team owner George “The Boss” Steinbrenner, who passed away Tuesday at age 80.

CAPTION: "I didn't really get the shot that I felt I deserved," Scott (above) tells us of the Yankee's MLB club.

"I didn't really get the shot that I felt I deserved," Scott (above) tells us of not getting put in the Yanks' MLB lineup.

“I liked George and he liked me, and I didn’t really have a ghost of a chance of making that team because [Yankees coach] Billy [Martin] brought in so many pitchers from Oakland with him,” Scott tells host Olivia Wilder.

“George liked how I pitched, he put me in the program that they sell at Yankee Stadium, so I had something going on. We had a couple of talks.

“There was a lot of frustration in that organization and only when [George] stepped back a little bit and let the baseball people do their thing, like Gene Michael—who’s a baseball genius—did that organization start winning consistently.

“They never had a problem in the minor leagues winning. But at the major-league level it was a different story.

Once they started using the minor-league talent, morale spiked in the entire organization. People felt like they actually had a chance to play in New York and the results are all there to see,” Scott continues.

“George was definitely a presence. I had a few talks with him and he said, ‘We expect great things from you and the reports we’ve had on you are very, very strong.’

"A very, very kind-hearted and generous, generous person," says Scott of The Boss (above).

"A very kind-hearted and generous, generous person," says Scott of George (above).

“I was confused for a couple years there why I wasn’t given a shot but I guess we’ll never know. It’s just one of those things. It’s like the acting game—you know there’s a lot of people that are very, very good at what they do and for some reason or another they don’t get their chance.”

“I’m just happy that I picked a profession where I got a little luck.”

Finally, Scott recalls a lesser-known facet of The Boss.

“There’s a dark side to George and then there’s this side to him that’s very generous. He did a lot of charity work,” he says.

“He would take a kid off the street and put him through private school and put him through college and take care of his family and nobody ever knew that side of him. He did a lot of really great things for people he didn’t even know.”

To hear Scott’s full interview, click here.

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