It’s a Socially-Conscious Edition of ‘The Mix’

While it’s true that there’s no shortage of celebrities on BlogTalkRadio, not all of them are here solely to pitch their latest flick, show, CD, book or other entertainment project.

Equally as often, big names take the time to address issues of a social nature. And so, for your listening pleasure and edification alike, we’ve woven together a socially-conscious edition of The Daily Mix.

On tonight’s show you will learn:

CAPTION: "Our foremothers and forefathers always kept the heat on the system, even if they were not armed with guns or baseball bats," says Bill (above).

"Our foremothers and forefathers always kept the heat on the system, even if they were not armed with guns or baseball bats," says Bill (above).

—What comic Bill Cosby is referring to when he says, “You do not participate as a parent when you think the school system is going to do it for you.”

—When former E! News anchor Steve Kmetko—who now works for a website that connects the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community to local events—says, “She’s just there to do a good job. She’s not there because of her sexual orientation,” who he’s talking about.

—Who Beauty Shop star LisaRaye is chastising when she tells us, “They think our stories are ‘ghetto’ or ‘in the hood’ or only depicted to be in the black population. And that’s not true.”

—Why acclaimed poet Nikki Giovanni tells us, “The election of Barack Obama does not say there is no more racism, but it does say that black people have made changes, and the changes have been for the better.”

—How Good Hair star Chris Rock helped Nia Long come to the conclusion that “Women have a choice about how they want to look.”

So don’t miss The Mix, hosted by everyone’s favorite pod jockey, Shaun Daily, tonight—and every Monday—at 9 p.m. ET!

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2 thoughts on “It’s a Socially-Conscious Edition of ‘The Mix’

  1. Ethan Love

    personally, I understand what (comedian) Bill Cosby is saying, and I am a teenager, age of 17, and I understand what this wise man is saying, what he means is… Life handed you a child for a reason, and you can’t just expect everyone else to be parenting your kid(s) for you… when it was your responsibility to do in the first place when your kid(s) were born in the first place. and as for the person connecting the gay, lesbian, transgendedered, bi, community, it’s just what this world needs, is for someone to truely understand just what they are, instead of being phobics of they’re sexualities, because your gonna meet lots of people like this, and you won;t even realize, nor know it either. if you tried being in they’re place for one day you would truely understand just what it’s like to be them. as i do, cuz i am like them, I am Bi.
    sincerely, Ethan Love

  2. Adrian

    What’s up?. Thanks for the blog. I’ve been digging around for info, but there is so much out there. Yahoo lead me here – good for you i guess! Keep up the good work. I will be popping back over in a few days to see if there is any more info.


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