Soon-to-Be-Wed Justin Guarini: ‘Thanks to All My BlogTalkRadio Listeners!’

Justin Guarini‘s bachelor days are numbered. Ah, make that “houred.”

For tomorrow afternoon, the pop star will finally say “I do” to his longtime love, Reina Capodici.

But Justinwho joined the BlogTalkRadio family in June 2008, and three months later announced his engagement on his show— couldn’t be happier. Or more appreciative.

CAPTION: The happy groom at home with his soon-to-be bride, and his soon-to-be stepdaughter, Lola.

The happy groom at home with his soon-to-be Mrs.—and his soon-to-be stepdaughter, Lola.

“Thanks to all my BTR listeners! You’ve been great about supporting my projects this past year,” the curly-topped crooner called to tell us just moments ago, while driving to his rehearsal dinner near his hometown of Doylestown, Pa.

“As you probably know, Reina and I are getting married Saturday, and I’m absolutely thrilled to be walking down the aisle with her.

“Once we return from our honeymoon, I plan to go into the studio to finish work on my third CD,” he tells us of the still-untitled project.

And after that?

“I’ll be busy developing my sketch-comedy show,” he says.

That would be Sketched Out TV, which is currently distributed online, though Justin tells us he hopes to see the series on a network soon.

Finally, Justin promises us he’ll drop in on BlogTalkRadio again in the coming months for a new edition of his show, on which he’ll update his fans on how married life is treating him.

Until then, from all of us here at the network, congratulations, JG!

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4 thoughts on “Soon-to-Be-Wed Justin Guarini: ‘Thanks to All My BlogTalkRadio Listeners!’

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  3. Dr. Blogstein

    How about posting an update on Nick DiPaolo. He’s kinda famous who used to have a BlogTalkRadio show too. OOOOOOR you can stop star-effing and focus on talent that actually have shows on the network and not someone who dropped his BTR show.

    This blog posting is PATHETIC! I would end by telling Philip that he should be ashamed of himself, but I’m pretty sure he already is.


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