SoundBits: Screen Vet Alisa Reyes Offers a Fair-Sex Outlook

Alisa Reyes is no stranger to fame. Fifteen years before launching The Alisa Reyes Show this summer on BlogTalkRadio, she spent three years as a castmember on the Nickelodeon sketch-comedy series All That. From there, it was stints and guest turns on such hit shows as The Bold and the Beautiful, NYPD Blue, Boston Public, ER and Six Feet Under. There have also been a slew of movie appearances, including the upcoming 4-Bidden, with Eric Roberts and Robin Givens, and DaZe: Vol. Too, with Gary Busey. If that’s not enough of an Alisa-fill for ‘ya, you can also catch the Big Apple native and current L.A. resident deejaying on Playboy Radio. Impressed? We sure are, which is why it’s time to say, Give it up, folks, for the one, the only, Alisa Reyes!

CAPTION: Alisa: "Striking" beauty.

Alisa: "Striking" beauty.

Give us a 15-second pitch for your show – why should listeners tune in?

I’m an actress,¬†former Nickelodeon kid and Sirius Radio host. I’m also quick-witted and love talking to the fellas. My show segments include “She Should Have Been a Blonde,” “Girlfriends Review,” “Who’s That Girl” and the soon-to-be-famous Top 8 countdown, “Pink Mayhem.” If you’re looking for a female perspective on life – particularly on men – this is the show for you.

Tell us two things listeners would be surprised to learn about you?

I love extreme sports. I once had a boat-racing team based in Key West, Fla. I drove a 29-footer and raced in Super Boat International. I also love to bowl, and own my own bowling ball and shoes. I play in a league that bowls once a week.

Who’s your broadcasting hero?

I admire Robin Roberts. I love how she made the transition from covering sports, as host of ESPN’s Sports Center, to more worldly news, as co-anchor of ABC’s Good Morning America.

If you could book any person on earth as a guest on your show, who would it be and why?

Johnny Depp. I love his work as an actor, especially his classic roles in Cry Baby, Edward Scissorhands, and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. And I’m extremely excited about his new film, Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.

As we speak, what are you wearing?

I have on boxers and a tank top. My hair is wet because I just hopped in the shower after taking a yoga class.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever done while in the middle of hosting your show?

I had to cough and sneeze, so I tried holding both in. But before long, I had a sneezing attack. So I ran out of the booth while on the air. Luckily, my co-host, and male-point-of-view, was able to continue the show.

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4 thoughts on “SoundBits: Screen Vet Alisa Reyes Offers a Fair-Sex Outlook

  1. Digital Display

    Love the show… especially the “I Listen For The Articles” segment and the hot girls you feature on the show each week!

  2. Abraham Cruce

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