Mashonda on Alicia Keys: ‘I Need for This Woman to See My Eyes’

After meeting Mashonda face to face, Alicia Keys will no doubt be on her best behavior in the childcare department.

Interviewed on Embrace Life Radio, Mashonda—who wed rapper/producer Swizz Beatz in 2004 and divorced him last year—dishes about sitting down in person with his new wife for the first time.

 CAPTION: "I tell him all the time, ‘You know daddy is going to have a baby and you're going to be a big brother,"' Mashonda (above) tells us of explaining to her son about Swizz and Alicia's upcoming bundle of joy.

"I tell him all the time, ‘You know daddy is going to have a baby and you're going to be a big brother,"' Mashonda (above) says of explaining to her son about Swizz and Alicia's upcoming bundle of joy.

“It was very important for me to sit with her and just have her see how serious I was,” the No Panties singer, who has a son, Kasseem Dean, with Swizz, tells host Tiffani Walker of Alicia—who’s expecting Swizz’s child in November.

“I don’t think she would ever hurt him. I don’t think that his father would ever let her hurt him. It wasn’t about that.

“It was about, I need for this woman to see my eyes. I need her to hear my voice so she could feel how serious this is,” Mashonda says of Alicia, whose 2001 debut album, Songs in A Minor, snagged five Grammy Awards and sold more than 12 million copies.

“We spoke about nothing else but my son, and he was there, and I introduced him to her. I said, ‘This is your daddy’s friend.’ And he felt comfortable.”

When asked if Alicia made direct eye contact with her, Mashonda adds:

“Not really, not really. It was airy. It was a very airy moment. I couldn’t believe I was sitting there because it was a lot. It took some time.

“My ex and myself, we set up this meeting for this particular situation and he canceled and I cancelled and we both kept canceling because we knew it was a lot.

Swizz with new lady Alicia.

Swizz with new lady Alicia.

“Finally one day it just happened. I was like, ‘OK, I’ll be in the city,’ and he was like, ‘OK, we can make it happen today,'” adds Mashonda —who sued Swizz earlier this year for missing $334,000 in alimony and child support payments.

“So I got dressed, I got my son dressed, and it happened. We sat there at a small table, the four of us and it was pretty intense, but it was very airy.

“I was like, Wow, I can’t believe I’m sitting here with these two people after all of this!”

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30 thoughts on “Mashonda on Alicia Keys: ‘I Need for This Woman to See My Eyes’

  1. Kim

    Woman, will you please get a life and stop talking about this? You are a total psycho at this point, its not even funny, you continue to carry information to the public that is not for the public. Ugghhh!!

  2. Michelle

    Mashonda at what point are you going to go out and live your own life? You have a child that will one day realize that you put your business out for everyone to disect, any discussions that you have this couple is personal, especially if it is in reference to the child. You are going to cause a stained relationship between your child and his dad and he will hate you for it one day. Alicia will not hurt your child, and you know this as long as he is happy, healthy and safe that is all that you need to discuss with them, the past is in the past, you are the only one talking and that does not look good, it makes you look desperate and borderline mental. Step away from the situation, stay off the blogs, stay away from twitter and all the other foolishne and worry about your self moving forward, this is not good for anyone and you are not succeeding in trying to tear Alicia Keys down. Take a page from Sandra and Ellin these women are the classiest of woment, because they spoke once and they put their kids first. PERIOD.

  3. danielle

    Just be like Will and Jada who are friends with his ex-wife and husband. The kids is all that matters you are where you want to be and he is where he wants to be.

  4. Common

    Alicia Keys is a beautiful person and would not harm her child. When people divorce or separate, women always make an issue of the same topic. This is so common. The truth is that a child knows who is their Mother and Father especially if they grow up in the same house.

    It is sad when bitterness and jealously comes before the happiness of the child. Children are innocent and happy why can’t adult but the child first and set aside their own jealously and loneliness?

  5. Pastor Sean Isaacs

    Interesting article and interview. Not sure why these two women meeting about a child was such a big deal. I can’t see how any “other” woman would be interested in hurting a small child. Especially if she is pregnant herself – Just my thoughts!

  6. Leona

    Oh Mashonda, please stop. Please. Alicia will be a great step mom..I’m sure just as you probably were to Swizz’s other son. I wonder if the mom put that much stress on her when she was being the step mom

  7. Mamma Tee

    If you can’t empathize with Mashonda, then just back the hell up off of her. It wasn’t you who lost your man, and your family. And most of you all would have acted a whole lot worse if you had that experience. She is a good mother, and she wants to set some things straight with the woman who is asking her child to call her Umi or mommy. If more womben took the time to be so concerned, their children wouldn’t end up in dire straights. And for Common, do you know Alicia personally? Cuz although I am an admirer of her talent, I think that her being involved with a married man goes to her own character. I’m not judging but… let’s be real every person has a dark side and her dark side made no exception for the fact the man already made a commitment.

    @Pastor Sean, Mashonda makes it clear this wasn’t about whether Alicia would hurt the child; this is deeper. and out of respect for both my sisters, and the sacred state of motherhood, I pray for the healing and love of everyone involved

  8. Claire

    I see Alicia’s PR team made it to the comment section of this blog! Please of course it is a big deal and Mashonda is well within her rights to speak about having been done so wrong by her ex-husband and Alicia Keys. She was cheated on in a very vile way.

  9. Sharon

    Hmm if you don’t bash Alicia you are her PR but if you stick up for the nutjob you are totally sane eventhough you only hear 1/3 of the story from the person that lost the most. Interesting people. Get a grip the trick needs to move on and get a life, if nothing else for the sake of her son, let her keep it up and she will end up like D-Wade’s ex. Crazy and without her child. Keep encouraging the insanity I hope that you will be there to support her when she falls even harder, and by the way. I am sure that AK’s PR Team has much better things to do than to troll the blogs for trash.

  10. Da rk Matter

    I feel for Mashonda. She wanted the same fairy tale most women fantasize about, the husband, child, family, house, car, good life. Alicia and Swizz ruined that dream when they succumbed to their attraction, and left Mashonda out of that whole equation. Swizz should have been honest with her. That’s the ultimate betrayal, especially since a child is involved. She has the right to be mad and i would be too. She handles herself with more class than Alicia. Oh, and that meeting was less about the child and more about the infidelity.

  11. Karma is something else

    Well @ Kim, Michelle, Sharon, Common, Pastor Sean Issacs I am sure that if someone that you have made a commitment of marriage to breaks that commitment and leaves you for another person, then you will be the mature minded person. I didn’t realize that you knew Alicia personally, some of you said she would never hurt a child. So it is good to even hear feedback from you guys that know her personally.

    It is so good to know that I can use u guys as model of how to move on when your husband leaves you for another woman.

    Whatever your feelings are no one can say how they will react until they are in the situation. So if any of you have been in this situation, then speak on that so you can tell us how not to be psycho or a nut job, I am sure you have the best advice.

  12. Ms. Teri .. Advocate for Children

    If i was Mashonda i would have done the same thing … There is nothing wrong with wanting to meet the woman that will be spending alot of time with your son !!!!…. All parents should do this …

  13. Kim

    Yes maam!! I have not had a hiusband to leave me, but I had a no good man that showed me who he was and I showed him the door and I looked at it as his loss , not mine. Mashonda chose to marry Swizz after he showed her who he was and had a baby by someone else while she was pregnant, she HAS to take responsibility for her part in what occured. I will not allow a man to treat me like sh*t especially with kids, if my daughter sees me as a settler then she will follow suit. I don’t know Alicia but based on what I have seen of her and the way that she is around those sick kids that she helps with her foundation. I can tell that she is a kind hearted individual that would not hurt a child. And even Mashonda said that she knows this. You don’t have to know a person personally to feel out their spirit. I certainly agree with the meeting in reference to the kids and how they will be handled. I will tell you this however, she is not helping anyone by putting all of their personal business out in public, one day all of the kids will see how messy she is being, that’s for sure.

  14. Kim

    Oh yeah and Karma is something, its good and its bad. And Alicia is enjoying her good Karma now because of all of her selfless efforts for those that are less fortunate and her being genuine about it not just for show, this started before she was able a big name. So its easy to throw around the word Karma but hard to remember that there is good and bad.

  15. Truth

    It seems that all of a sudden it’s ok to Break Marriage vows and ignore the family
    structure. Pres Clinton, Edwards, Spitzer were ostracized for their infidelity. Alicia
    Keys on the other hand is treated with kid gloves. There is such a thing as Karma
    what goes around comes around one way or another. There is no excuse for intentionally laying with a married man. The man (husband) and the woman(keys)
    should have been sued. Their act shows both their characters not to be trusted.
    When their both no longer in heat then they may realize their actions Maybe.

  16. Anonymous

    Alicia is a home-wrecking skank! Fantasia Barrino did the same thing as Alicia (Fantasia’s a home-wrecking skank too) and the media vilified Fantasia, yet “celebrated” Swiss’s and Alicia’s union and wedding?!?!? THIS IS A DOUBLE-STANDARD! Make the dark-skinned sista look evil and the light skinned on look like a saint! America is still very much a racist institution and country!

  17. Grow Up

    Mashonda is full of s—. She attended Swizz Beatz birthday party a year ago and wished both them the best.

    In any relationship you have to constantly maintenance it. You have to grow separately and together. Both parties have to bring something new into they relationship as you grow together. People think once you are married that is it. No you have to constantly communicate and evaluate your relationship and nuture it.

    Divorce is a part of life. Extended families are a part of life. Get over it and grow up.

  18. Relationship was Broken


    Swizz had affair all throughout their whole relationship. Long before they got married, Swizz got two women pregnant at the same time, Mashonda and his first son’s mother.

    Mashonda who isn’t the mother of Swizz first child, names him, Nasir.

    Swizz was dating and having sex with Jahna in 2007. Jahna was a month pregnant 4 months before Mashonda’s and Swizz second son’s first birthday. When her son was a year old, Jahna was 4 months pregnant.

    And there is much, much, more. No this relationship was never stable or a great marriage. Swizz and Mashonda are responsible for the broken marriage. They are responsible for the children born outside of their marriage. If Mashonda never looks at herself and how she was also responsible for this relationship, she will always be bitter, jealous and never grow as a woman.

    She will never have a stable relationship. Very Sad!

  19. Build

    All relationships take a lot of hard work. To blame anyone else but the two people involved in a relationship, is living a lie.

    Women lie all the time about being in a happy relationship when it is falling apart. Many couples put up a false appearance of being in love when they aren’t no longer in love. Many couples are scared to say they failed. Many people are afraid to say, we have grown apart and I require something else.

    We are all afraid to move on because it is hard for many of us to be alone. We get very comfortable in a relationship that isn’t working. Strength comes from admitting failure, learning from it and moving on and develop as a person.

    It is hard to believe in yourself when all your life is wrapped up in a fantasy of an unhappy relationship.

  20. anon

    Mashonda annoys me so much!! She doesnt have anything to talk about besides the divorce. I tell you every week she has something new to say. She says shes all about woman impowerment but yet A.K is actively work with woman to create a better future and helping thousands of people with aids by giving them medicine!!!

    MASHONDA GIVE IT A REST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. anon

    First of all. They are all adults, but the facts are the facts. I personally do not understand why Mashonda has to roll over and play dead and act as though nothing has happened! This is why black women get such a bad rep because we are the first to through daggers when we should be lending our shoulders. How dare you call her a nutjob. I don’t know how you view marriage, but for some it is a very serious commitment. Swizz is a dirt bag. Why? Because he cheated on Mashonda and lied about it and tried to play her out like she was some crazy person. They filed for divorce in April of 2008 and he had a baby girl in May of 2008, who he tried to deny. So he was not only cheating on Mashonda with Alicia, but on Alicia as well. I always say that if a woman carries on with a married man but does not know that the man is married, than she is not at fault. But if the woman purposely breaks up a home than she deserves everything that comes her way. Why? Because you should have more respect for yourself and know that karma does exist. I won’t judge Alicia, because this is her lesson to learn. I’m just appalled at how women are treating the victim.

  22. betty

    i think every woman should always prepare for a divorce. the earlier you accept that your man is no angel the better. he will cheat on you whether u r drop dead gorgeous or not. mashonda should know that she is not the first to be dumped. move on gal and know that your next husband will do the same. learn how to handle it when it happens. no need for divorce, that cant change the desires in a man

  23. C.Webb

    I completely agree with Mashonda, It’s the principle of the matter… She was stabbed in the back by her supposed to be husband (at the time) and his friend (mistress). So yes it is a big deal. Had the two went about the situation in the correct manner; this would’ve been an issue. But only a true woman of God would understand this situation. I send my respects to Mashonda and may God continue to bless you all…

  24. Tonya Wilson(STL)

    Mashonda, I understand how it feels to be hurt by someone, I’ve never been married. You have every RIGHT to meet with the person who will be around your child, now for any one who cant understand why these two had to meet, because when you have kids, it’s a MUST!!!! I am fans of all THREE of you, They are wrong for having an affair with out your knowing. How do you move past it, it’s hard when you have to see them in the media, or hear them on the radio, knowing this once was your husband. If Alicia K. was not famous, then ppl would really think she was a home wrecker……sorry Mrs. Keys, you are…but the damage is done, a baby is now here b/c of it, I Pray your heart heals all the way from this very soon w/ time. People who think your trippin need to get a LIFE!!!! Your human Mashonda & did not deserve that, this is something that could’ve been handled in private if Keys and Beats were’nt so big in the media. For him to introduce you to her knowing he messing w/ her, and for her to go along w/ it knowing he was married was WRONG!! How could A.K. stand in your face knowing she’s been w/ your husbamd (X). Things will get better Mashonda, PRAYPRAYPRAY…Ms. Keys better hopes in the future he does’nt do the same to her!!!!! I pray they have a good life 2gether, but they know they were wrong, but the heart wants what it wants. That does’nt mean Beats does’nt still love you Mashonda, you two are just better off “cool”. I’m soory for your pain.

  25. Aman

    A muslim following Islam , the koran and the Sunnah(the example of how to apply islam to your daily life)would not of even looked at another woman knowing he is already married. In the Islamic world people who do these things are hung out to dry by noon(example). Obviously this Swizz/Kasseem Dean person does not know Islam well. Thank you.

  26. stan

    Everyone has a dark side? Well I guess that includes Mashonda too. Right? None of us know her personally either, just what we have heard. But, from what she has done to bring this out publicly and not consider her child, I can definitely see the darkness. We don’t know what happened or if she was truly even hurt, or how much exageration was added. I mean it’s not like this kind of thing hadn’t happened to her right from the beginning. Was it ok the times before? Like Swizz suggested why would she say these things for a book or TV show when it’s not true. Much respect to the other two parties for not blabbing all over the internet about Ms Mashonda and her darkness. I’m sure this could have been much worse for her also. Thank God someone considered the children.


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