Keith Olbermann Suspended by MSNBC: Flashback to July Feud with Tucker Carlson

EDITOR’S NOTE (Nov. 5, 2010): MSNBC today announced that it has suspended Countdown host Keith Olbermann indefinitely for making monetary contributions to the campaigns of three Democratic candidates. Below is a story from July 15, 2010, in which Tucker Carlson spoke with BlogTalkRadio about buying the rights to Carlson also said during the interview that “a lot of people [at MSNBC] really do hate KO because he’s cruel to people who work for him.”

Though Tucker Carlson claims no personal ill-will toward Keith Olbermann, he sure is reveling in the cyber-battle he picked with the MSNBC anchor—by nailing down the rights to

Interviewed on BlogTalkRadio’s Mediaite, the conservative icon explains why he made such an acquisition, and what his site, The Daily Caller—which launched in January as a right-wing answer to The Huffington Post—plans to do with it.

That's not amusing?" Tucker (above) says of doling out email addresses to his readers. "Of course it is!"

That's not amusing?" Tucker (above) says of doling out email addresses to his readers. "Of course it is!"

“It evolved over the last six months. We started reviewing Countdown [with Keith Olbermann] every Friday,” Tucker, who formerly worked for MSNBC and CNN—and is now a paid contributor for Fox News Channel—tells host Steve Krakauer of the impetus for buying the domain.

“A writer, called Ruth Graham, in New York, has been tasked with watching every minute of every show of Countdown. She now has a facial twitch, actually, from it. And on the basis of that, writes a Friday column.

“We started running fluffy pieces on Keith Olbermann—crying on the air or whatever; pieces of interest to Keith Olbermann watchers—and we decided, Why not become the definitive site for KO news and information; the KO supestore, the Walmart of KO-nalia?

“So the opportunity to acquire arose and we felt there was a market niche we could enter and dominate, and that it would be a public service, so we did.

“Plus, it’s amusing as hell!” Tucker continues.

When Steve inquires about the cost of the domain, Tucker says:

“We prefer not to divulge methods and sources. We think of The Daily Call as the shadow—it appears. Sometimes it’s there and sometimes it’s not. Is it watching you while you sleep? You don’t know. It’s omnipresent. It’s like the Viet Cong. Short skirmishes, then melt away into the twilight only to reappear 50 miles away marching all the way in truck-tire sandles, subsisting on bowls of rice, sleeping in trees. It’s a light army… We are the Viet Cong.”

As for Tucker’s plans for, he says:

“My new address, my main email address, is And I just got back to the office…and I came back to a 171 new emails, and I’m thrilled.

“It’s a great way for me to get in touch with some of our readers, and it dawned on me that I bet a lot of people would like to have email addresses. So were going to be giving those away to our readers. We have a couple KO-related essay contests coming up. We’re trying to raise money for a scholarship at Cornell College, where I believe Keith went, in Iowa.

"I hope whoever sold it to them got cash," Keith (above) quipped upon learning of his former colleague's purchase of

"I hope whoever sold it to them got cash," Keith (above) quipped upon learning of his former colleague's purchase of

“We’re going to be doing a lot of KO events around the launch of, but again I’m pretty sure a lot of our readers might like to have a email address. Wouldn’t you?”

Later still, Tucker explains his rationale—and supposed legal grounds—for the new site.

“My domain name,, was being held by a squatter, who’s intent and purpose was to raise money from me and extort money from me-to shake me down-in order to sell my address back to me,” he says.

“That’s not a noble purpose. It’s not protected by the First Amendment. And he lost and I got it back. It now redirects to The Daily Caller.

“ is a news and information site. We’re not squatting it, we’re not trying to extort money from Keith. I wouldn’t accept money. It’s worth more than money.

“In order to get it back, Keith is in effect saying, I don’t think you ought to have the right to say what you’re saying. Keith is attempting to quash political speech, and we’re going to defend ourselves vigorously on First Amendment grounds.

“A lot of people may step back as Mr. O empties his bladder on the First Amendment—indeed on The Bill of Rights itself—but not us. We’re not going to stand back, it’s too important.”

Finally, Tucker shares her personal feeling about Keith.

“I’ve always had a soft spot for Keith, because of his phobias—he won’t drive a car. He’s obviously a sad guy in elastic-band jeans.

“So I’ve never hated him or anything. But a lot of people [at MSNBC] really do hate KO because he’s cruel to people who work for him.

“A lot of those people have emailed me with joy, jubulation, in their voices, in their emails. Just letters of congratulations, just thank you for doing this finally.

“It’s funny, I emailed a friend of mine at NBC using my address and he said it came into his email box and he shivered to see ‘Keith Olberman’ in his inbox. and he thought, Why is Keith bothering me?

“He’s despised at MSNBC as you know. Ask anybody that works there… I would say he’s the most disliked person in the building by a factor of 10.”

Click here to hear Tucker Carlson’s full interview.

To check out The Daily Caller, click here.

13 thoughts on “Keith Olbermann Suspended by MSNBC: Flashback to July Feud with Tucker Carlson

  1. Darenunlimited

    Tucker Carlson is very sad little man, indeed. His track record speaks for itself. He has zero credibility and a terrible reputation as a so-called journalist. I do not believe anything he says as he has clearly exhibited a propensity to push the right-wing agenda. This stunt of acquiring the domain of Keith Olberman is a petty ahd childish ploy and only lowers my opinion of him and speaks volumes about his ethics. Keith Olberman is loved and respected by his fans for his work and the stands he has taken; Tucker Carlson is not fit to “carry Keith Olberman’s jock strap,” to use the obligatory sports analogy.

  2. Phillyhuney

    I think it is a shame when one of the most respected, clear thinking, and socially responsible voice is silent because of someone like Tuker Carlson. Tuker’s only agenda is to push the the agenda of the right wing and those who support their views. Besides I still don’t think he gotten over being voted off Dancing with the Stars which I thought was a joke. But this is no joke when someone with no responsibility to media accountability attacks someone like Keith Olbermann.

  3. Rick Peterson

    I would have preferred that Oberman would have got hit by a truck, but It will have to do.

    And for you LIBS… HA! You got your @ss handed to you in a hat.

    The electoral college landscape is set for an Obama tar and feather Olympics.

  4. Freddie C Howard

    We are in real trouble in this country. He without Sin cast the first Stone.
    We as men know longer know what is true or false. I have faults just like the next man and what I hide you have a few thing hid also. We are going to destroy each other from within. There is no perfect man. We have become destroyers with a mass media weapon of words.
    Stick and Stone and words will destroy.

  5. L.A. Steel

    I am a Liberal and always have been. Just released a book entitled Naked at the Mic / The Survival of a Liberal in a Time of Peril. I’ve been a liberal talk show host for 8 yrs
    and have disliked K.Olbermann since he started at MSNBC. Tucker has never been a favorite of mine either, but in this case I have to applaud him. KO has had a palsied affect on “Liberal” discourse, and has only played the game of the Right/ Left boxing match . His ratings were in the toilet until he started to attack Bill O’Reilly and Fox news. No serious or knowledgeable liberal takes KO seriously. He skirts all the main issues of Democratic Hypocrisy and is a very homely, Democratic Cheerleader. Everyone who supports Fox or MSNBC are playing into the networks game. Tucker understands it, and is trying to get back in the game. I’d laugh for a week if Tucker got
    Olbermann’s spot on MSNBC.

  6. liberal

    How sad that one would have to do something so underhanded as this. Mr. Carlson has finally exhibited how far the conservatives will go to discredit someone. This is not what politics should be about, no wonder I long for the likes of Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson and the true politicians of our country. We need statesmanship not these psuedo commentators taking over our air waves. Let’s have some HONEST discourse not this foolishness. Time for Tucker Carlson to grow up, he is making a mockery of American politics, he now stands next to Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and all the other right wing nuts.

  7. mary lee johns

    I very seldom missed a show. Keith was a person who gave voice to so many of us who are both liberal and progressive. I grew up in the 60’s and had to live to see many of my hero’s assinated because of their beliefs. The one that broke my heart was Robert Kennedy. It was the first time I voted and went to bed knowing that America stood a chance to make the changes in the lives of many of us. When I woke the next day I was devastated. I went from this young person who believed in the opportunity of America to an individual who knew that things would not change. I lived through the Great Society that actually prepared me for the leadership roles I would take over the years. I lived through the Nixon years, the Regan years, Clinton, Bushes and finally in my older years now to Obama.
    Of all these many years of my adult life I have very, very seldom ever heard anyone speak in the progressive manner Keith Obermann has. It brought back a small spark that things may be able to change as the result of his voice urging the people of America to become better. Why is it that Russ Limbaugh, Beck and that sort can poison the airwaves and the few sane voices of MSNBC are held to a different standard. I believe the leadership of MSNBC has did a major disservice to those of us who believe in the voice and message of “Count Down With Keith O…”
    Why is it that our voice has to be quieted when the rest of the crazies can say and do what they want? We once more have young vibrant leaders once more being shot down for their beliefs. Why do we fear those who would destroy the chances of young people of color shoving them into the compounds of poverty? I heard one of the Tea Party Leaders who stated if they can’t be of use then let them Starve. In the history of this country another person made a similar statement and that was “if their hungry let them eat grass.” Keith voiced his opposition to this type of thinking. He helped my relatives on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation in their hour of need; he helped those who needed health care in poor areas of the country; he was giving voice to families who will die without needed transplants. Shame on you MSNBC for allowing a hero of the people disappear into the night and stop a program who allowed a small flicker of hope to shine in the darkness of this hateful time in the U.S.

  8. Wolf

    I think MSNBC should hire Glenn Beck and put him in the vacated slot opposite Bill O’Reilly. Beck would bury O’Reilly.
    Hey Comcast, this is your BIG chance to climb back in the ratings race.
    Glenn Beck #1 ….. O’Reiily kicked whining and crying to the curb.

  9. NJB

    …anybody see anything familiar goin down here, lately?.. around the whole country, on TV, Radio..everywhere.
    Think back to 1998….and that dubious presidential race..remember how everything..Everything..began to the Right…so far it was almost up on end sideways..well.. some might remember &’s happening again.
    We are being Told in cartoon fashion who our next prez non elect is gonna be, and we are being Groomed to Like it… this is called Conditioning for the works like s charm every time they use it…cos the main masses are parrots, who stare wide eyed at glossy pictures and imitate what they see…
    Prepare yerselves folks…no matter how you vote, you are getting Sara the SoccerMom
    The stage has already set 2 years ago, the show went on, & the Final Act has begun


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