‘Vampire Dairies’ Star Katerina Graham: Our Show Is No Mere ‘Twlight’ Knockoff

Don’t tell Katerina Graham that The Vampire Diaries is nothing more than a Twlight wannabe.

Unless you wanna bloody earful, that is.

CAPTION: “I think people will really enjoy it because it’s a great show,” Katernia (above) says of “TVD.”

“I think people will really enjoy it because it’s a great show,” Katernia (above) tells us of her hit vamp series.

Interviewed on Stardish Radio, Katerina, who plays Bonnie Bennet on the new CW series—which debuted last month to a record 4.9 million viewers—points out that Diaries was around long before Stephenie Meyer penned her bestselling gothic novels.

“From the beginning, we’ve gotten so many comparisons to Twilight, even though The Vampire Diaries is from a series of books that L.J. Smith wrote in 1991,” she tells host Joann Kubasek.

“It’s great that all this vampire stuff is coming out. But after the first episode, you do see a fork in the road in the storyline. And it does completely change.

‘Honesty, if we weren’t a good show and the writers didn’t have great characters and the writing wasn’t amazing, no one would watch it.”

Katerina, 20, also says that the recently-joined Jasmine Guy was the perfect pick to play her grandma.

“Jasmine was getting her makeup done next to me the first time I met her. And when I saw her, we hugged each other, because I knew instantly.

Spitting image?

"Grand" casting: Jasmine (l) and her TV descendant.

“It was like looking at a reflection of myself a little older. She’s everything that I aspire to be like. She had a record out—a bunch of them. She’s a trained dancer. So am I. She’s bi-racial, like me. And we wear the same size shoe.”

But despite the on-set lovefest, Jasmine wasn’t initially sold on her role

“A friend of mine is one of the producers of The Vampire Diaries, and when he found out I was here in Atlanta, he asked me if I would come in to play one of the castmember’s grandmother,” the Different World actress, 47, tells Joann.

“And I was like, ‘Grandmother? How old is she—two?’

“So I said, ‘It depends. Am I a vampire?’

“‘No, you’re not a vampire, you’re a witch,'” he said.

“So I was like, ‘OK. I’ll be a witch. I can handle bein’ a grandmother-witch, because one of my favorite shows is Bewitched.'”

To hear Katerina’s full interview, click here.

To hear Jasmine’s full interview, click here.

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  1. Jo Flores


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  2. Grace

    We have gone Vampire Crazy in Australia too! It is being screened once a week on GO! but we are only up to episode two. So far so good! Katerina is without doubt my fav so thanks for the link to her intrview.


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