William Mapother: No Comment on Scientology (Thanks to Tom Cruise!)

"The relationship with him is terrific," William (above) tells us of Tom (below).

"My relationship with him is terrific," William (above) tells us of cousin Tom (below).

“Don’t expect William Mapother to jump up and down on Oprah‘s sofa anytime soon.”

So notes the New York Post today in its Page Six column, citing from host Jamie Ruby‘s Lost Causes,  which is devoted solely to the hit ABC series Lost. (Where else but BTR would you find such a cool idea for a radio show?)

“Interviewed this week on BlogTalkRadio, the Lost actor—aka Tom Cruise‘s cousin—is cagey as to whether he shares the Mission: Impossible star’s adherence to the gospel of L. Ron Hubbard, But one thing’s for sure: He has learned from Tom what not to do,” The Post continues, before citing from Jamie’s interview.

When a caller asks him, “Are you now a Scientolgist?” William—who made his name playing Marissa Tomei‘s twisted ex-hubby in the Oscar-winning flick In the Bedroom—replies:

“I have kind of an unusual feeling about questions like that.

“On the one hand, I’m grateful that people are interested, grateful that people enjoy watching me on the screen, and I’m eager to show people that I’m not anything like the characters that I tend to play.

“At the same time…there’s kind of an ever-wavering boundary between the things I’m willing to talk about, and the things I’m not,” he continues.copy-of-tom-cruise1

“And part of the reason that I find myself particularly cautious in this area is because of the things my cousin has been through.”

Moments later, William weighs in on Tom the relative—rather than Tom the media target:

“He is a fantastic guy. Very bright, very supportive and very hard- working.

“I have a very good relationship with Tom.”

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10 thoughts on “William Mapother: No Comment on Scientology (Thanks to Tom Cruise!)

  1. Tim Giangiobbe

    I nener miss an opportunity to NADDER about scientoligists even if it happens to be DEV-t na dI enjoy making that CLEAR.I do not understand the allure.The place gives me the creeps and the brainwashies are all afraid not to say something that will be used against them within their own ORG.Scientoligists seem to think they have the only answer.To make a religion out of emotions,tone levels,ridicule,hierarchy,and variuos cliques,just to constsntly try and strive for a LEVEL of CLEAR.This is CLEARLY a bunch of lies and deceit to gain access to clients bank accounts.TThe more one spends the more they are accepted and praised.This preying on the need for assurance in folks with bad esteem is a winner for them.They will keep on giving as long as the praise and status keeps on increasing.Then they find themselves at an anti-climax when reality hits them and they realize not only did the classes do no good they even screwed them up more leaving them thinking they need to constantly take the next step or FAIL.Have I made this CLEAR.YTes it is CLEARLY a CULT FROM HELL.

  2. Cliff ZEKE Zier

    I WAS THE CALLER THEY ARE REFERRING TOO! Wow. I didn’t really mean it to be a controversial question. I was just curious. It wasn’t a negative question to me. However, I can understand him not wanting to answer after what happened to his cousin Tom when he came out as being into scientology.

    Don’t forge to check out our own “LOST!” show on Thursday Night’s at 10pm EST!


  3. Billy

    I’m not normally one to defend Scientologists (I have my own issue with their beliefs) however, I think it’s wrong to frame Scientology as wrong simply because it is a “cult”. People are involved in lots of cults. The cult of Apple products. The cult of eating meat. The cult of Christianity. (I’m sorry, but the virgin birth and the resurrection of christ is really no more oddball than aliens, when you get right down to it.)
    There are cults all around us that control and pattern our thinking and beliefs. Just because you’re not “aware” that you’re in one, or don’t like to think of it as a cult doesn’t make it ok. American culture and society is a cult in and of itself, on some level.

    People should be allowed to believe what they want to believe, so long as it makes their lives feel more fulfilled.

  4. Tim Giangiobbe

    It is a cult with a religious disguise.Kind of a Wolf in Sheeps Clothing.I can say no less after working for the all time scientologist asshole,Carlo Khatchi.He always has such a condescending smile that really gritted me so much that I left his org with a quickness.He is a bigot that hires Latino to use them and if they are illegal he will have two sets nof books one for the IRS and one for his extra jobs using illegals.He had a concrete blowout that buried someone and he made no attempt to repay the family.I will now natter about him like he nattered about me.

  5. Tim Giangiobbe

    You really don’t get it.Scientology is a pyramid scheme cult with a hierarchy that rivals The Roman Empire.Give me a break and don’t give them a break.Hang around with them long enough to form your own opinion.I am willing to bet unless you are just dying for life instructions and guidance and you have no idea what it really costs.Then you just happen to get praise and raised just high enough to hook you to really buy into it and then you will have the automatic deduction coming out of your paycheck every month and if you falter you are talked about and scorned.Yet they say not to natter.Does this sound like a religion or BS,HUH! Wake up and smell the shit piled ten feet high.

  6. An Troike

    It appears my most beloved thesbian Tom Cruise is up to it again. He’s a new picture coming out with Cameron Diaz and it looks like it’s going to be a fantastic one particular, I just genuinely appreciate Tom Cruise movies, I believe he’s truly great at these sorts of action films. This latest movie is an action-comedy based on a fugitive couple on a exciting and at times perilous adventure where nothing and no one – even themselves – are what they look to be. In the course of moving alliances and unusual betrayals, they race across the globe, with their survival ultimately hinging on the battle of truth against trust- I won’t be able to wait for this to come out.

  7. railroad track construction

    I love Tom cruise he is such a great actor and i love watching his movies. But what is Scientology never heard of it? Is this a religion?

  8. Tim Giangiobbe

    Scientologists in the Financial district are no less than a bunch of white bigots.Don’t believe me take a look yourself.Hie a Bigot.Hir Carlo at Montclair Construction.He is a Psuedo Engineer.He never tells the truth he beats around the bush and uses engineering in his ploys to gain confidence.He hired another Tim for an Estimator he always has a Tim as an Estimator.I was the First Tim.He has a Heart but is so brainwashed that he SHITS BIG SCIENTOLOGY LOGS.
    Audit this Carlo! You Hella Pissed me off when you hired me to build stairs and used me.You signed a Big Contract for rny stairs i Alameda without any plans pased through the city.I nhad to provide my own drawings just to please the city about some load calculations.
    GEE Carlos was the ENGINEER why didn’t he do that?
    Because he COULDN’T understand it!

    Stick that in your Scientology Pipe and Smoke It! Santa!
    Or if you Prefer you can stick it up your KEISTER.

    in Time for Easter.


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