YouTube Superstar Lucas Cruikshank: ‘There’s Gonna Be a Fred Movie’

The Jonas Brothers Generation has found its official funnyman, and his name is Lucas Cruikshank.

Or as countless tween fans know him, Fred Figglehorn, the six-year-old chipmunk-voiced terror whose YouTube channel boasts more than 1.3 million subscribers and nearly 60 million views.

CAPTION: "It'll be really cool," Lucas (above) promises us of his alter-ego's flick.

"It'll be really cool," Lucas (above) promises us of his alter-ego's flick.

In real life, Lucas is a 15-year-old high schooler from Columbus, Neb., who created the Fred character in 2006 after his mom gave him an inexpensive video camera. Within a year, he’d become the first person ever to crack a million YouTube subs.

Now he reveals to BlogTalkRadio that he’s bringing Fred to the big screen.

“There’s gonna be a Fred movie coming out. I haven’t even started filming yet. I’m working on the creative right now, with writers and everything,” Lucas tells WZAP Radio host Zachary Sang.

“I’m probably gonna start filming it this winter. It’s gonna be awesome. I think the fans are really gonna like it because, unlike the Fred videos, where you just see Fred and animals, you’re gonna see the real-life Kevin and the real-life Judy” — he adds of Fred’s arch-enemy and object of infatuation, respectively — “and the real-life mom, and Fred’s whole entire world.

“It’s gonna be an actual feature-length movie. It’ll be the first character from YouTube to go to the movies.

“The writers are talking about celebrity cameos and stuff like that,” Lucas continues.


Megan: Lucas' pick to play Fred's dream girl.

“It would be cool if Megan Fox played Judy. But she probably wouldn’t agree to play a side character in a movie — now that she’s all ‘big and stuff.'”

Lucas also chats about his comic heroes, and how he sees his showbiz future unfolding.

“My main inspiration is definitely Jim Carrey. I love his comedy and his style of acting in all his movies,” he says. “I definitely want to have a similar career path to him.”

And if his YouTube show and feature film weren’t enough to keep him busy, Lucas also has a potential Grammy-worthy project in the works.

“There’s a Fred CD that I’m going to start recording soon,” he says.

“I’m working with the musical producers from the Hannah Montana and the High School Musical soundtracks, which is like a perfect fit for Fred.

“When the soundtrack does come out, the producers are talking about doing mall tours to promote the album.”

To hear Lucas’ full interview, click here.

To check out Fred Figglehorn in action, click here.

25 thoughts on “YouTube Superstar Lucas Cruikshank: ‘There’s Gonna Be a Fred Movie’

  1. Jim

    Wow I have never heard of this kid but what a story. To create something on youtube and become famous. Being famous is now open to everyone

  2. Fred's trash

    God why after you kill us all once would you punish us like this if you really hate us this bad at least blow up the earth or a meteor or kill us some other way please God don’t do this to us.

  3. Fuzu

    Oops sorry guys about the comment above, my younger brother done that. He has downs syndrome and insists on messing with my computer if i turn my back on it for 5 minutes. He has no idea what he is doing, sorry Fuzu!

  4. Samantha

    I HATE PIXIE LOTT SHES GOING TO PLAY JUDY! seriosly I would hate ANYONE who played judy because I would wsant it to be Himself or MYSELF because Most likley there going to kiss and LUCAS SHOULDN’T KISS ANYONE !! unless its me 🙂

  5. Imelda Hoeke

    Worth your cash to watch it in the cinema? Not quite in my belief. It’s very slow and at some parts draggy. There really isn’t much story to go around so they fill it up with too much flashbacks. Its not a bad movie but I would have waited for the DVD.

  6. Aiza E.

    He is hilarious! It’s amazing how youtube can make ordinary people rise to stardom. There are so many people who become popular because of youtube. COngratulations Fred!

  7. stadyeasegi

    Clooney rallied Hollywood around special needs like ending genocide in Darfur, Sudan, as well as the “Help for Haiti” telethon and fundraisers for Hurricane Katrina and 9/11 victims.


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