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Enhancing Your BlogTalkRadio Show with Cinch

cinch-logoBlogTalkRadio was launched in September of 2006 as the dream of a man and his father to give blogs the ability to talk.  Over 3 years later, integrating the best of social media and telecommunications, BlogTalkRadio has become a thriving live internet radio and podcasting platform. Our new sister site, Cinch, which launched this October, now provides another tool for those seeking to record audio and share it online.  In addition, users can add text and photos to the audio and automatically syndicate it to Facebook and Twitter.

As a host on BlogTalkRadio, you might wonder, “What can Cinch do for me?”  We wanted to share some ways that you can you use the Cinch tool to enhance your BlogTalkRadio show hosting experience:

1) Easily record interviews while on location

Capture on-the-spot interviews using the Cinch iPhone app or another cell phone.  While at a conference, in a meeting, or at a concert or sporting event, you can conduct an interview immediately without any additional tools, and later upload it to your BlogTalkRadio account for a future show.

2) Promote your show

Use Cinch to record show promos to attract listeners.  Cinch provides many outlets to share your show promos across the web. Easily embed audio cinches in your newsletters, blogs, and websites where you already promote your show. Automatically share them on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social network sites where your target listeners gather.

3) Promote your business or services

Your BlogTalkRadio show provides an interactive forum to establish your thought leadership and expertise and can help to grow your business. Similarly, you can use Cinch to record audio ads to feature during your show.  With your phone or the iPhone app, you can create short promotional messages regarding your services, or record testimonials from clients and easily save them for later download and publishing. With Cinch, you can create separate public and private albums, so if you don’t want to share these audio clips right away, you can save them to a private folder for later use.

4) Engage your audience using Cinch

Use Cinch is to get your listeners more involved in your BlogTalkRadio show. Challenge your listeners to send in audio clips created using Cinch for Q&A sessions or contests (great product ideas, funniest jokes, etc.).  This application of Cinch is useful if you’re interviewing a celebrity who is adamant about not taking live callers. Using Cinch, you can prerecord questions that can be shared with guests beforehand and played during the show.

These are just a few examples of how you can use Cinch to enhance your BlogTalkRadio show experience. We encourage you to sign-up and test out Cinch. If you think of other great ways for BlogTalkRadio hosts to use the Cinch tools, we would love to hear them. Feel free to contact us at

Cinch ‘Already Garnering Some Buzz in the Tech Blogosphere’: The Wall Street Journal

cinch-phone1It’s been a mere three days since we launched Cinch—our latest social-media tool, which makes creating short, snappy podcasts, well, a cinch—but already the national media is taking note.

To say nothing of a comic legend.

The Wall Street Journal‘s App Watch column reports:

“For social networking aficionados who want to inject a little more personality into their status updates, a new app called Cinch from the folks at BlogTalkRadio allows users to post audio messages along with standard text and photos.

“The free iPhone app, which went live on Friday on iTunes and Cinchcast, is already garnering some buzz in Continue reading

Cinch and the schwag people want

A flickr user, choiceshirts, favorited one of the four Cinch designs today. Thank you!

sxsw cinch shirt schwag

At SXSW in Austin, TX a couple weeks ago the BlogTalkRadio team was there to represent and produce shows for our hosts like DoC and Wiley. We handed out hundreds of BlogTalkRadio stickers (made by the great Sticker Giant) and over 130 original Cinch t-shirts to attendees.

The shirts turned out to be an unexpected hit. Sure, we thought we could give out quite a few but we expected to have many left for other events – not the case. It made traveling home easy!

The takeaway from this post should be that if you are designing promotional products make schwag that doesn’t look like schwag and that your conference team will get behind with a passion. Get feedback from your co-workers about designs and ask them if they would wear or use the item you are creating while not in the presence of your CEO. And, lastly, know your intended audience.

Here’s a look at we made:

Cinch Shirt

Cinch Shirt 2

Cinch Shirt 3

Cinch Shirt 4

Cinch Gets Better – Change Feed Name!

The Buzz surrounding Cinch is loud – on blogs, over Twitter, in the world of developers. People love using what Dave Winer calls “The simplest podcast API ever.” And he’s right.

In a post Robert Scoble wrote about Cinch, a commenter wrote, “Okay, so it’s pretty cool, but hasn’t it been done many, many times before?” and Robert answered:

“No, it hasn’t. Not with a phone number, and not by building a feed automatically without requiring a signup/signin.”

It’s true, it’s the simplest way to podcast – ever; on the fly, on the road, at conferences, at geek dinners, in bed, in the line at the coffee shop, outside, inside and uptown. You don’t have to register or set up an account, simply call 646.200.0000, talk and there’s your RSS feed with your recording. No muss, no fuss.

And now you can do it with more privacy than ever. Visit Cinch.BlogTalkRadio.Com and you can change the name of your feed!

This new option will certainly make a lot of people like bwana, TechPedia, Podcasting News, Mark Ghosh, Brad @ Download Squad, Alex, MikePhillips, SolSie, and others even happier.

Robert Scoble recently wrote “I love the new BlogTalkRadio,” And we’re pleased with that. But let’s not forget the original BlogTalkRadio, the live, interactive citizen broadcasting network!

Also, developers need to check out the recent post Kris wrote about PHP5 files presented to jumpstart developers’ access to using Cinch as an API.

Plug into Cinch

The time has come to share some of the code goodness that I cooked up on my own last week to test Cinch. What have I got for you? One homebrew kit with a handful of PHP5 files in it.

These PHP5 files are presented to jump start a developers access to using Cinch as an API.

Included scripts:

* cinch-api.php – Parse the original RSS feed from Cinch for a given phone number and display the information. This script is meant to demonstrate how the variables work.
* cinch-api-rss-now.php – In real-time this file removes a users phone number from the Cinch RSS feed and generate a new feed. Some variables need to be defined by you.
* cinch-rss.sql – MySQL table to cache the Cinch RSS feed. Once in the table it is open season on how to work with it.
* cinch-api-config.php – This file is used to fill in user data for a RSS feed that is generated from the cached data.
* cinch-api-insert.php – Reads the Cinch RSS feed and inserts the item data into the MySQL table. In this file you can modify every aspect of how the original Cinch data is rewritten to remove phone number, etc.
* cinch-api-rss.php – Pulls the cached data and generates a new RSS 2.0 feed.

If you simply want to remove your phone number from your Cinch feed check out the cinch-api-rss-now.php script. All you need to do is plug your phone number into it and upload it to your web server.

Before I close this out, I’d like to say that if anyone else has some RoR, .Net or Java chops and feels the need to create some Cinch starter scripts you should forward them on.

And last but not least, we are working on the login system here at BTR. Our engineers are sweating in a hot server filled room making it happen. But they won’t stop at logins. You’ll have to check back with us to see.