Funnyman Alonzo Bodden: Showbiz Success = Health Insurance

Annual checkup. Check. Oscar nomination. Forget it.

So go Alonzo Bodden‘s priorities these days. Interviewed on The Blac Comedy Show, the 47-year-old funnyman—who was first runner-up on Season 2 of NBC’s Last Comic Standing—reflects on the true meaning of success.

CAPTION: Alonzo: Salubrity before celebrity.

Alonzo: Salubrity before celebrity.

“I keep playing bouncers or security guards for the star,” Alonzo tells host Shawn Stevenson vis-à-vis his budding screen career, which includes bit parts in Scary Movie 4, The Girl Next Door and National Lampoon’s Totally Baked.

“I’m cool with that— because I earned my health insurance. That’s the extent of my acting experience: If I work enough to make health insurance, I don’t need an Academy Award. I need coverage.

“You want the truth about showbiz? People looking for all this red-carpet glamour, let me tell you, this is a grind. This is a hustle right here.

“If you’re making health insurance, you’re ahead of 90 percent of the actors in America. If I make health insurance, that’s a good year for me.”

To hear Alonzo’s full interview, click here.

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One thought on “Funnyman Alonzo Bodden: Showbiz Success = Health Insurance

  1. healthBest

    Alonzo Bodden must be a real comedian. He must be telling ironically…nobody believes he forgets the doctor’s check up.A smart man like him, never misses the priorities. Or may be he does, otherwise he would not earn his health insruance. Keep earning with your insurance funny Al (lol)


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