Style Network’s ‘Clean House’ Host Trish Suhr

Editor’s Note: Trish Suhr returned to BlogTalkRadio on June 2, 2009.  To hear her interview on The FlyLady and Friends Show, click here.

She’s the Yard Sale Diva!

Trish: True Southern Belle

Trish: True Southern Belle

Trish Suhr, star of hit TV series Clean House on the Style Network, joins hosts Shawn and Plunket to dish about her organization skills and comedic timing!

Trish is a native Kentuckian who left the family funeral business to become a stand- up comedian.

Now that’s funny.

In addition to her antics on Clean House, Trish performs in an all-female comedy show called Pretty Funny Women, and is featured in the Southern Belles of Comedy DVD. She has appeared on Girls Behaving Badly and Take my Kids Please.

We extend a BlogTalkRadio welcome to Trish this evening. Don’t miss her at 10pm ET on InDaNo here on BlogTalkRadio.

33 thoughts on “Style Network’s ‘Clean House’ Host Trish Suhr

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  2. Brendan

    WOW!……..I can spell this backwards….I just watched SFC video and this woman is bloody hot,, funny, and a favourite of mine now…..also her voice is sexy…..not the first to tell her that?………tell ‘er thanx 4 the humour

  3. Charlie

    Greetings to you and the cast of Clean House,
    I am a newcomer to your show and find it to be intriquing and at times totally fascinating along with informative.
    People, for reasons unknown to myself but in all possibility understood by you will do almost anything for their 15 minutes of Fame.
    A member of the family or even closest friend contacts you and your team saying they are in dire need of your expertise in regards to their House-o-Clutter and when you arrive defiantly turn on you, refusing to give up the clutter and foolishness they so desperately needed to rid themselves of moments before.
    My deepest sympathies when the team encounters the Dragon’s, the Lorias and their kind and my whole hearted respect for your professionalism when faced with the same. You’ve handled them with the utmost patience when it is clear a good throttling is needed.
    For your diligence, sense of duty and sense of style against the clutterer’s of the world, I applaud you.

  4. Kare

    I love Trish, she is hysterical, gorgeous and knows what she is doing! I see where Neecy is needed I suppose, but the stars are most definitely the support crew. This show is as therapeutic as Dr Phil. I had a clutter problem and have learned how to let go of stuff. This show keeps me in check. I think, that could happen to me. And when I am having a panic attach about letting go of something I believe to be sentimental and attached to a memory or loved one, I remember the power Trish and crew has given. NO item can take the sentiment from my heart. I continue to live clutter free. Signed X pack rat.

  5. dori rosa

    I would LOVE to be on your crew or be one of your yard sale people. I am very candide and freindly and LOVE< LOVE the premise of this show. please contact me and let me know what i need to do, to join your crew team …. thank you

  6. Jenn

    i love clean house – i have not missed a single episode !
    The combination of Niecy, Mark Matt and Trish is my favorite by far !!!! Trish cracks me up !!

    I wish they would reward some loyal viewers not in LA with a home makeover ( I’m not quite messy enough to qualify for messiest house – but I could use a kick in my closets!) I agree that I changed jsut by watching the show.

    Love the show !! Love it all !

  7. Michaela kingsley

    i am 8 years old and me and my mom watch this show all the time. she cleans and moves furniture evry time she sees marks designs. we are big fans please go beyond the las annngolos area and give some of us a chance. we are messy but we do love to watch your show.and i think my mom can teach Trish some things on a great garage sale she is the queen.

    thank uyo cleen house

  8. Nancy

    Where is Niecy Nash? So far I’ve only seen her on one episode The epissode in which you had some sort of accident. The show is not quite the same without her.

  9. Stephanie

    Where is niecy…I can’t even watch the show with the other person hosting it. I love her don’t tell me that she isnt on the show anymore if she is you lost one daily viewer. Trish has the most beautiful hair that I have ever seen, I love her hair color it is so perfect.

  10. Cassie

    i only watched clean house because niecy made it wonderful now that she is gone it lack the it factor. I quess i will have to start watching deserving designs.

  11. carolyn

    where is Nash the show isnt the same without her. I heard things that Trish is in a relationship. ooo. we need the details

  12. BIanca

    Hello! I LOVE clean house…i think i have watched every episode! At this very moment i am watching Clean house comes clean… its so great! because i have watched most of the episodes i love to watch clean house comes clean so i can see the behind the seen footage. I just have one little problem… WHERE IS NIECY??? I was watching one of the new episodes and that new lady is dry and NOT funny. Niecy adds that extra umph! I MISS HER! CLEAN HOUSE is not going to be the same 🙁 … thank goodness that Tish, Mark and Matt are still there! I dont know if i can and will be able to watch the show w.o miss Nash!

  13. Dawn

    Without sounding like a broken record…I absolutely love this show! My 4 year old son and I watch episodes over and over again. We really do not watch much TV but this is a must see show.

    I love the chemistry between Niecey, Mark, Trish and Matt. Is it wrong that I just wish Trish and Matt would get married and live happily ever after??? They have such cute chemistry together.

    They are all incredible! Love the show.

  14. Mandi

    Hi Im trying to figure out how too write to you about my Aunt and her kids who are in desprite need of your help with her home. Her home is one big yard sale…. It has been this way for years and years. It’s her and her 3 kids and I cant understand for the life of me how the move around in this place! We live in Tucson az and She needs your help. I know it would make good Tv Must see for yourself 🙂 I couldnt find any other web site to reach you. Thank you

  15. Brooke

    I <3 clean house!!!!! and trish has inspired me!!!!! if she ever saw this i want her to know she is the best thing htat has happend to clean house!!!!!!!!!! GO TRISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Brooke

    sorry she is the very best thing that ever HAPPEND to clean house!!!! and u should no i am only 12 years old and they r all soooo cool if trish sees this i want her 2 no that i am her biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Murish

    Clean House is the bomb…I watch it from all the way in Cape Town, SA.
    Question: Was Trish a man? Heard a rumour…but could never believe…because she is so feminine and beautiful.

  18. jeaneatte Ferman

    I need help and i would like to have you to help me with my house i have 4 children and 3 dogs is this the web that i need to request your help or how this work can you please reply to me i need organization and a change i live in sylmar ca

  19. Deborah Olivares

    Help, my former son in-law and my two grandchildren live in the Los Angeles area and are in need of your help!!! They live in a two bedroom apartment. Oh did I forget to tell you so does his mom? Anyway, they are in such need of your help that they don’t even know it!! Both my ex son in-law and his mom are “collectors” (which means they are pack rats) The apartment is very small the living room/ dining room is so small and the one bedroom that my 14 year old grandaughter and 10 year old grandson share is so small that the bunkbed and chest of draws are all that can fit in the room. Oh and the closet is smaller that my pantry. Please help them get their home together so they can live in a clean and calming enviroment.

  20. Sherry

    Trish, i am a native Kentuckian too. Living in South Carolina. I think you and neicy are what make the show what it is. Go Big BLUE!!!

  21. pat springer

    help the house my dauther,husband and 2 boys live in is my house.she cant seem to get the whole house clean .the house has 4 bedrooms but i room was the youngest she moved him to the 4th room and still cant get the room clean and to go through the itens in the room.please help them.I live in a differ town it is hard to spend the night with help

  22. Jessica

    Hey what’s wrong with her voice. It drives me up the wall and sounds like she has emphysema is she ok or is that how she really sounds? She’s pretty though and funny.

  23. Awa Ba

    WHAT!!!!! Why didn’t Lisa Arch get the to replace Nicey Nash? I really think she carries this show when Nicey is not there. Tempestt is a poor choice. I don’t think I will continue to watch.


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