BlogTalkRadio Has a New Forum!

Join the BlogTalkRadio community at our new forum!

Join the BlogTalkRadio community at our new forum!

by Deb Ng

BlogTalkRadio is pleased to announce the launch of our new community forum. Designed to bring the BlogTalkRadio community together, the forum will enable hosts, listeners and the entire BlogTalkRadio Team to interact and grow together.

Even though we already have a BlogTalkRadio Yahoo Group, we feel the benefits of a community forum will be more appealing as members will no longer have to wait for topic or member approval in order to interact with each other.  The conversation will be immediate and continuous! In fact, if you’re already signed up to be a BlogTalkRadio host or member, you’re already signed up for the new forum! Just log on using your BlogTalkRadio sign in details.

Some of the features of our new BlogTalkRadio forum:

  • A place for hosts and listeners to introduce themselves
  • Specific discussion areas for each genre
  • A place for hosts to find guests (and vice versa)
  • A forum for technical issues
  • A place to discuss your favorite tools and equipment
  • Discussion of social networking and tools to better enhance the BlogTalkRadio experience
  • A place to share ideas for networking and bringing in traffic

Since only members can post new topics, we hope to be a spam free forum!

The BlogTalkRadio forum
is now open for business. We hope you’ll join us today, and get the conversation – and community – flowing!

11 thoughts on “BlogTalkRadio Has a New Forum!

  1. Olivia Wilder

    Do we need to register for this new group? I can’t find a place to register and don’t appear to be in it. Thanks!

  2. Donnella

    Hi Deborah,

    This is a wonderful site! I am very impressed with the marketing tools you supply host. I sent these out to 15 or so potential guest and received 10 confirmations back!

    I only wish you could schedule shows more than four weeks in advanced, after getting back so many confirmations!


  3. Lisa Diane

    I had a show today, and my chat room was not functioning properly. I was not able to type in text. Later on my listeners reported that they had no audio. I set up my chat 10 minutes before show time, and when it wouldn’t function properly, I clicked on the live help. and it directed me to a blank page. Anyone know why this occurred, and better still how to keep it from happening in the future?

  4. Marc


    Nice job!

    Can we add subcategories in the forum for channels? It’d be really nice to allow listeners and hosts of the different channels (flylady, fantasy sports, right, left) to have a place to communicate.



  5. Tania-Maria

    Glad to see we have a forum. I am preparing for my first show on January 16, 2009 and this is all new to me. Need to learn how to market and run my show. After I go over the instructions/tutorial available, I will be sure to check out the forum for some tips! :O)

  6. Mona Magick

    I like the new UI. I would like to see an option of skins to incorporare within each website to match the differenct websites. I would also like to see added. What happens if you want to upload an interview that’s been edited? Editing options would be nice as well. Would also like to white lable this if possible to show my brand more.


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