Should You Attend Conferences?


by Deb

As I write this, I’m making plans to attend South by Southwest Interactive, or SXSWi as it’s known to the social media world. Not only will I be leading a Core Conversation there, but BlogTalkRadio will also have a presence – We’ll talk more about that another time though. Right now, let’s discuss how conferences can benefit bloggers and podcasters.

Probably one of my favorite things to do is attend conferences. For me, there’s nothing more enjoyable than working a room. I love talking to others about what we do, but also, learning their thoughts about what we do. I especially enjoy meeting the faces behind the words and voices and convincing others to drink our Kool-Aid. There’s more to it than that though.

There are plenty of reasons to attend conferences, and I’d like to share some of them with you now:

  • Conferences are a place to meet and network: The best reason to attend a conference is to make connections. You will be like-minded people, network with the movers and shakes in you field, brainstorm with the best in the business, and even present yourself for career or business opportunities.
  • Classes: Conferences offer the best in learning. All the best names in the business are giving inspirational talks or offering workshop sessions. If you do pay to attend learning sessions, definitely take advantage. You won’t find this kind of learning anywhere else.
  • Products and services: The trade show features new product launches, plus displays from vendors whose products and services can benefit you.
  • Meet the experts: What better way to find experts to interview for your blog or radio show? All the experts and big names are generally in attendance and most are more than happy to grant interviews.

The main reasons to attend conferences are to learn and meet people. You will learn more in two days than you will a year in school. You will meet the best people in your industry and make important connections.  If your podcast is about books, attend some book conferences. If you blog about music, see what’s being hosted by the music industry. If you’re into social media, the conferences abound.

Go ahead and try it. One conference can do more for your brand than a lifetime of emails.

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