Tweeting is Fun, But Face to Face Conversation is Best

Pisarro's Conversation

Pisarro's Conversation

by Deb Ng

Something struck me as amusing at SXSWi ’09. The buzz word of the event was “conversation” yet, a lot of people weren’t talking. Don’t get me wrong, there were conversations happening, just not with each other. Every where I looked, I saw folks sitting next to each other….tweeting. I saw tables full of people not speaking but their fingers were flying at a rapidfire pace over cell phones and laptops. Are we getting so into our social networking we’ve forgotten about talking to each other?

It’s a good reminder that while social media has it’s place, real live conversation is more important. Twitter is 140 characters, the human vocabulary is infinite. I had wonderful conversations at the Residence Inn’s free breakfast buffet with folks I had just met, but that’s because I made it a point to leave my laptop upstairs. There were plenty more folks sharing tables who didn’t even look at the potential friends or colleagues joining them.

Whether you’re talking about your blog, your radio show or whatever it is you wish to promote, don’t forget the art of conversation doesn’t mean spending all your time online. The best conversations take place among good company with lots of ideas and laughter being shared. At BlogTalkRadio, we take conversation to a new level. I hope you do too!

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