BlogTalkRadio brings Idols closer to fans

Moments with Melinda is back tonight on BlogTalkRadio, for its second show in only a few days.

Melinda Doolittle, a semifinalist of last season’s American Idol, the powerhouse singer who attracted a following of admirers, wants to make sure she can reach all her fans.

md.jpgBrought to us by, this show aims to bring the American Idol fan favorite from last season a little closer to her fans. When Melinda had dozens of fans waiting on queue to talk to her when she ended her hour long show on Saturday, she promised she would come back soon to talk to those callers she didn’t get to. And three days later, she’s back.

Get your Moments with Melinda tonight at 8pm ET.

Melinda’s appearance on the show will be frequent, as she promises to use the tool to keep in touch with her audience around the globe. This isn’t the first American Idol great we’ve welcomed to the airwaves. Jennifer Hudson’s appearance on Idol Radio Show also had scores of fans waiting to speak to the Oscar-winning Dreamgirl.

Recently, BlogTalkRadio has also welcomed Vote For the Worst to the network. This show was started by a die-hard group of Idol watchers who wanted to take the power of the audience to shape the show into their own hands by starting a website to keep on their favorite contestants, despite their singing ability. These fans aimed to keep certain contestants on the show for their entertainment value, while creating a media phenomenon.

Entire shows, Idol Radio Show as well as Idol Radio Buzz, are dedicated to interviewing and keeping in touch with our favorite Idol contestants.

We welcome any and all fan shows to the network, and love how these let Idol followers join the conversation with their favorite contestants.

6 thoughts on “BlogTalkRadio brings Idols closer to fans

  1. Tim McCambridge

    Hey Melinda!
    I just wanted to let you know how much your singing meant to me while you were on American Idol. As far as I am concerned you won the competition and I have no doubt whatsoever that your career and dreams are truly on course now. All the very best to you and your family!

  2. louise7

    Melinda Doolittle the talented vocalist with a heart of gold. The album’s first single, “It’s Your Love,” was released to radio stations nationwide in September

  3. Louise7

    Good news for you Melinda Doolittle fans! She’s set to release her debut album titled, Coming Back to You on Hi-Fi Recordings in January 09. Produced by Grammy-nominated producer Mike Mangini (Joss Stone, Run DMC, The Jonas Brothers), Coming Back to You was recorded with a team of live musicians in Nashville and New York City.

    The first single, “It’s Your Love” will be released to radio in October.

    “Keep yourself updated with Melinda’s career at melindasbackups. is a web site owned by Melinda Doolittle. Melinda’s Backups™ is a non-profit supportive association inspired by Melinda and authorized by her to operate this web site on behalf of her fans.

  4. louise7

    That you for letting us post about our favorite singer. Without this site, it would be really difficult to share the latest news about them.

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