The Cheryl Behind the Cheryl

cherylKnown to many as the long-suffering (ex)wife of funnyman Larry David, the man behind Seinfeld, on HBO’s hit series Curb Your Enthusiasm, Cheryl Hines is no stranger to patience and determination (necessary for putting up with Larry).

And determination is what led her to direct her first feature film,  Serious Moonlight, starring Meg Ryan and Timothy Hutton.  In an interview this week with Jamey and Jerry of Movie Geeks United, Cheryl spoke about her first-time experience behind the camera.

Asked what she learned from the experience, Cheryl said she “learned that [she’s] tough on the inside…tougher than [she] thought [she] was,” adding that Seinfeld co-writer and frequent Curb director Larry Charles “was a spiritual guide” for her during the learning process.

Jamey of Movie Geeks couldn’t help but gush over his love for Curb, dubbing the show “the funniest show ever on TV” and asking Cheryl whether she watches it on Sunday nights like the rest of us.  Her answer might surprise you:

“I do watch it every Sunday night…I could get copies ahead of time, but I don’t. I like to watch it with my friends…because the show is improvised, I have a story outline, but its only…6 to 7 pages long.  I don’t know exactly what they’ve shot, and I don’t know until I watch the show.  I have such a good time watching Larry on Sunday nights, I’m telling you. It’s surreal…I’ll be seriousmoonlightwatching it, then I come on the screen and I’m like, ‘Oh my god, that’s right, I’m in the show!’”

So, the next time you’re on the couch in your pajamas on Sunday watching the side-splitting antics of Larry, Jeff, Richard, and Cheryl, know that the Cheryl behind the Cheryl is most likely doing the same thing, laughing along with you.

Check out Cheryl’s directorial debut, Serious Moonlight.

Listen to the complete interview with Cheryl Hines here.

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