The Ladies Take Saturday Again

Unscripted 360 Live kicks us off with Microsoft’s GamerchiX program and then we take a virtual walk to raise funds for stage IV breast cancer patients. It’s an virtual action-packed Saturday on the network. So fire it up and join us LIVE.

ghx250_poster.jpgUnscripted 360 starts us at 2pm ET with GamerchiX. Don’t know what GamerchiX are? Excerpts from the XGX Manifesto will give you a good idea.

If you play games, you’re a gamer chick. Whether you’re an Xbox Halo 2 champ, play RPGs on the PC, or Mah Jong Tiles on MSN Games, you’re a gamer chick.

Xbox GamerchiX don’t talk trash about other women. Ever. When women stop hating on each other … we will rule the world!

Wanna join Xbox GamerchiX? All you need are two X chromosomes!

Join Christa Phillips, Microsoft’s Community Editor and a few other ladies from the program to learn more.

And then at 5pm ET, Mommy’s Getaway host Tamara will have Design-her Gal, Jeanne Fitzmaurice. Jeanne will discuss her virtual walk program to fight stage IV breast cancer. Visit the Gal to Gal Virtual Walk 2007 site and listen to today’s show to learn more about how (and why) you can virtually walk with your favorite celebrities from Boston to San Francisco to raise funds for stage IV breast cancer patients.

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