New Fishful Thinking Channel Helps Moms Promote Optimism and Resilience in Kids

Depression is hard enough to handle in adulthood—let alone during our informative years.

So we’re pleased to inform you that there’s now a BlogTalkRadio channel dedicated to fending off that taxing condition among our young ones.

"I want my kids to grow up feeling confident and empowered," says Dr. Reivich (above).

"I want my kids to grow up feeling confident and empowered," says Dr. Reivich (above).

Hosted by Dr. Karen Reivich, co-director of the Penn Resiliency Project and a research associate at the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania, the Fishful Thinking Channel helps parents raise children who have a positive attitude and can confidently tackle life’s challenges.

“Our initiative includes everyday strategies that moms can use to promote optimism and resilience in their children,” says, Dr. Reivich, co-author of The Optimistic Child, who has partnered with Pepperidge Farm on Fishful Thinking.

On her debut show, Dr. Reivich lets us in on her own expertise in the area of rearing positive-thinking children.

“I’ve got four kids. Jacob and Aaron are twins. They’re 12. Jonathan is 10. And my little daughter, Shayna, who is five, acts likes she’s going on 30,” says the psychologist.

On future editions of Dr. Reivich’s show, she’ll spotlight a group of moms who practice Fishful Thinking, which centers around the five key ingredients: optimism, emotional awareness, goal setting/hope, resilience and empowerment.pepperidge-farms-scroller

She’ll also continue to offer simple ways to help children develop the skills that shape a positive attitude, enable them to overcome challenges and reach their full potential.

Pepperidge Farm has been committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle for more than 40 years, by offering parents wholesome snacks made with no artificial preservatives.

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