Darryl Strawberry, College Football, Your Passport to Wealth

Another busy Thursday on the BlogTalkRadio network. We’ve got sports, wealth accumulation advice, new media and home organization. I’d call that a pretty good start. Lots more where those came from.

Darryl StrawberryDarryl Strawberry will be on the MetsBlog Podcast at 12pm ET discussing the Mets and Darryl’s Autism Awareness work with The Darryl Strawberry Foundation.

Doughboi will be covering the Passport To Wealth on The Real Deal Show at 8pm ET. The Real Deal proclaims to give the real deal behind issues that black people can relate to.

College football is right around the corner, so check out the College Football Preview from the Sports Fanatic at 6:30pm ET.

John Havens has CafeMom CEO, Michael Sanchez on New Media Havens at 11:00am ET. CafeMom is a place for moms to stay in touch with friends, find new friends, and express themselves.

In other media news, political writer for New York Times Magazine, Matt Bai, also author of “The Argument: Billionaires, Bloggers, and the Battle to Remake Democratic Politics” will be on Heading Right Radio with Ed Morrissey today at 2pm.

We always welcome the warm personality and helpful advice of FlyLady, airing every Thursday at 2pm ET. Unclutter your body, house and mind with FlyLady and Leanne.

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  2. eks

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