It’s Spring! Gardening Tips from BlogTalkRadio


If you’re like me, you love spring because the outdoors come alive in a burst of color. As I write this, my crocuses are beginning to fade, while my daffodils and forsythia are in full bloom.  Though I plant flowers and vegetables each year and enjoy working in my garden every day, I still have so much to learn. That’s why I’ve really been getting in to BlogTalkRadio’s gardening programs.  What I especially enjoy is that all of the programming is available for download, so if a current show doesn’t offer the advice I’m looking for, I can find it in the archives.

Today I’m pleased to share some of BlogTalkRadioi’s gardening programming. Hope it adds more color to your life!

  • A Garden Gal offers practical advice all year long. Don’t think you need gardening advice in the late fall? Garden Gal can help you protect your perennials during a harsh winter. In the winter, she helps us prepare for spring. If you’re not sure when to plant certain veggies or what zone you live in, this is the show for you!
  • Audrey Post is Ms. Grow it All and she can sure grow it all! From preparing beds and lawns for spring, to practical growing advice, you’ll find answers to all your questions about gardening.
  • Garden Gossip features gardening tips from Master Gardeners and Magazine editors Nancy J. Reid and Lisa D. Smith. Whether you’re giving your house more curb appeal or planting for relaxation, the gossip gals can help you out.
  • Just because you live in an apartment, condo or townhouse, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a pretty garden too. AGH Gardening teaches apartment dwellers how to make the most of gardening in small spaces.

How does your garden grow?

3 thoughts on “It’s Spring! Gardening Tips from BlogTalkRadio

  1. Jenney

    Thanks for your helpful advice on how to enjoy Spring with gardening. I have learned that gardening does not really require you to be an expert to plant trees and flowers. Also, it adds beauty and color to your residence as well and provides us with clean air to inhale.


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