170 Broadcasts on Blogtalkradio

Things have been so hectic here (a good hectic btw), that I wanted to write this post for some time. I wanted to post when we hit 100 live shows on a given day, but we busted through that important level in a flash.

So yesterday, 170 shows were scheduled to air on Blogtalkradio. Now, in this world of millions of this and millions of that, 170 may not seem like a lot. But trust me it is.

Those of you that have broadcast a live segment on Blogtalkradio, understand the amount of time, planning and effort which goes into doing a show. There is little idle chatter on our airwaves. Our hosts care deeply about their content and the production value of their broadcasts. Our hosts schedule their shows, promote their shows, coordinate their guests, get on air and engage their audience from anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.

I commend the effort of our hosts, most of whom do weekly shows on a consistent basis. I encourage you to check out our deeply rich content, by clicking here. You can see which shows will air today and you can sort these shows by genre, alpha, time, etc. You can also check out a category, like sports, politics, paranormal, etc to listen to shows that interests you. We have more than 1700 active hosts covering more than 30 categories so I am sure there is something of interest for everyone.

Once again, I want to thank the hosts of Blogtalkradio for being such an important part of this experience.

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