A New Number One on the Charts

I want to congratulate, Pamela from Atlas Shrugs for dislodging the pesky Baker Media folks from the top spot on on Blogtalkradio’s most popular show listing.

In less than one week, Pamela’s show with Caroline Glick, the Deputy Managing Editor of the Jerusalem Post, which aired live this past Tuesday night, was downloaded close to 40,000 times. That’s right, in three days, 40,000 individuals listened to an engaging, enlightening and important conversation.

Pamela is incredibly passionate about her work, her blog and her ideals.  She is also, at least from what I can tell, a terrific mom.  When I first saw one of Pamela’s VLOGS and dug into her blog, I knew she would be a perfect host for Blogtalkradio. Congrats again!!

I would like to wish everyone a very happy holiday season. We are excited by how far we have come these past five months and we are thrilled about our prospects going forward.

Alan Levy


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