An Exciting Night on Blogtalkradio

Tonight at 9:00pm EST, Scott Baradell will be joined by blogger and co-author of Naked Conversations, Shel Israel. Here is a link to Scott’s show.

Shel was kind enough to post about the show on his blog. Since I will be hosting a different show tonight, I will not be able to call into the live broadcast. Naked Conversations, which was written by co-author Robert Scoble was the one and only book I read about blogging prior to launching Blogtalkradio. I thought the book was incredibly well written and informative and I am really excited that Shel will be on our network tonight.

Tonight at 9:00pm EST, on the Alan Levy Show, my guests will be prominent progressive bloggers Dave Johnson and James Boyce. We will be discussing the politics of blogging, how both of them joined the blogging world, what advice they have for would-be bloggers and some of the hot political topics like the escalation of the war in Iraq, the new Democratic Congress, the 2008 Presidential Campaign and more.Please join us for these shows and these rest of Monday’s night’s schedule.

See you “on-air”

Alan Levy


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