Bakermedia on Blogtalkradio

Last week we sent out an email to our hosts giving them a sneak peak as to what the long awaited new site design will look like. We also sent our hosts a survey covering many aspects of the Blogtalkradio service offering. We have been quite pleased by the number of responses and the feedback we have received. Listeners or hosts that would like to respond to the survey and have a chance to $100 Itunes gift card can do so by clicking here.

We value each and every host that utilizes the Blogtalkradio platform. Since our launch one year ago, more than 7,000 citizen journalists have broadcast on our network. We are especially appreciative of the many hosts that have been using this platform week after week and month after month.

This leads me to Michael and Erica Baker of Bakermedia. Not only have Michael and Erica hosted a daily show called Er Time at 11:30am EST, they have been an integral part of our design team for the new website. Many ideas for the new site were developed and conceived by Michael and his team. I encourage you to check out their work here.


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