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My favorite types of blog posts are the ones where I get to profile the hosts and let you see the person behind the microphone. Today we’re pleased to give you a Q&A with Dr. Blogstein whose Radio Happy Hour is one of BlogTalkRadio‘s more popular segments.

Dr. B was kind enough to tell us a little about himself, his show and offer some tips to the other hosts. I won’t go on and on, but I will say this: Those who have never listened in to the Radio Happy Hour can now see why Dr. Blogstein is so entertaining and why folks leave his show with a good, upbeat feeling.

Tell us about your Radio Happy Hour

The World Wide Web is full of people who have no friends.  For one hour a week, we will be your best friends.  We’ll make you laugh, introduce you to cool people, play games, and every once in a while we’ll engage you in thought-provoking conversation.

That’s not to say that people with friends shouldn’t listen.  In fact, I guarantee we’ll leave you with something to talk to your buddies about.

How long have you hosted your radio show?

The Radio Happy Hour has been on every week since February 13, 2007.

What made you decide to do a radio show – and why did you choose BlogTalkRadio over more traditional forms of podcasting?

In all seriousness, I’ve been doing this show for my entire life. It’s just that now, other people can hear it. It’s really quite a relief to finally have an outlet for my obnoxious one-liners and immature jokes.

I chose BlogTalkRadio over any and every other vehicle because that Alan Levy is just so damn cute.

To what do you attribute your show’s success?

Dangreous Lee and Vinny Bond.  Without Dangerous Lee by my side and Vinny Bond patrolling the live, interactive chatroom, there would be no Radio Happy Hour.  This show is the perfect example of a scenario in which the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. On our own, we’re three dopey knuckleheads, but put us together and we’re Radio Magic.

How do you come by your guests?

Now its 50-50.  I reach out to half of my guests and the rest of the time they reach out to us.  I got the “guest ball” rolling initially by cashing in on all the favors people owed me!

Who are some of your favorite hosts and what are some of your favorite BTR shows?

There are other shows?  No kidding!

Actually, there really are some excellent radio programs on BTR. 

Movie Geeks United is a high-quality, high-end broadcast that’s always very professionally produced.  Annie and Burl are the Regis and Kelly of BlogTalkRadio and Bob “Mr. Media” Andelman is BTR’s Charlie Rose.

I’m always discovering other gems on BTR, so it pays to dig around.

Any tips you’d like to offer for promoting segments and bringing in the listeners?

The more people that you include on your show, the more people you’ll have to bring listeners to your show.   If you give roles on your show to your buddy Joe, Aunt Silvia and Jerry the Mailman then Joe, Silvia and Jerry will all have their friends and family tune in. And if those people like what they hear, they’ll tell their friends and family. But it’s not enough to get an audience; the key is to keep an audience. You have to be interesting and entertaining.

What advice do you have to offer someone who might be considering a radio show but might be a little shy?

A couple drinks a half hour before you go on air should loosen you up.

What’s can we expect in the future from Dr. Blogstein and his Radio Happy Hour?

You can continue to expect interesting guests, compelling conversation and an incredibly handsome host on the live web cam.  And also, since its live and on the internet you can expect that at any moment, you’ll hear something you’d never heard before.

Catch Dr. Blogstein’s Radio Happy Hour tonight at 9:00 EST. His guests are Francia Raisa from “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” and Lorna Scott who is starring in the new film “Wanted.”

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