Featured Host: LaDona King, Host of ‘Jobless Talk’

pal“I felt that Jobless Talk could be a great way to impart info to the millions of unemployed Americans who are hungry for information.”

One of the shows that’s rapidly gaining momentum on the BlogTalkRadio network is Jobless Talk with LaDona King (aka Paladinette) of San Diego, Calif. Her hour-long internet radio broadcast tackles an issue that, unfortunately, more and more Americans have been forced to face these past few years: unemployment. Each episode features stories of jobless individuals, while also covering hunting tips, new resources, benefit updates and discussions on what Uncle Sam is doing help.

LaDona is no stranger when it comes to this topic. During her 35 years in the workforce, she has often worked two jobs at time. But in 2007, she lost her long-term position in the sub-prime mortgage industry, and has been struggling ever since to find another solid gig.

LaDona launched her show in April. “I felt that Jobless Talk would be a great way to impart information to the millions of unemployed Americans hungry for work, ” she tells us. LaDona also aims to give listeners a forum where they can tell their stories and have a voice.

In addition to her show on BlogTalkRadio, she has created a website for the unemployed called JoblessUnite that has had nearly 450,000 hits since its launch six weeks ago. http://joblessunite.yolasite.com/

To check out Jobless Talk, click here.

4 thoughts on “Featured Host: LaDona King, Host of ‘Jobless Talk’

  1. Simon Applebaum

    Congratulations on your BlogTalk Radio program, LaDona! You’re doing exactly what this medium is all about–a program that empowers people and transforms their lives for the better through landing employment.

    Let me know when Jobless Talk is on, and I’ll highlight it on my program, which in part deals with new TV ventures from entrepreneurs.

    All the very best!

    Simon Applebaum
    Producer/Host, Tomorrow Will Be Televised
    (Mondays/Fridays at 3 p.m. ET/noon, PT on BTR)

  2. Mignon

    Congratulations LaDona!!! You are wll deserving of recognition. Your passion and hard work is appreciated with great gratitude. I am profoundly grateful to you!!!

  3. Rose

    I just found out about your show and I think its a great idea! I have a working from my home blog myself because I work from home but I have found that there are so many other people interested in finding out how they can work from home! Your show and it’s popularity just goes to show you that there are so many people out there that are looking for work both online and off!

    I try to post job postings that I have found online as much as I possibly can


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