Media Lizzy: ‘Heading Right’ One Year (and counting)

Media Lizzy

The first thing they teach us in blogging school is to be passionate about our topic. As someone who offers tips to others on how to blog, it’s hard to define passion; you either have it or you don’t. Today, I learned more about passion during a 15-minute Skype call than in all my years blogging. Trust me when I tell you there is no one more passionate about her topic than Media Lizzy.

Lizzy and I probably don’t see eye to eye politically, but there is no doubt in my mind she loves doing what she does and lives for politics. When she speaks, you can hear the passion.

It was a fortunate meeting on MyBlogLog that brought us Media Lizzy. BlogTalkRadio‘s own Amy Domestico met Lizzy while doing a little social networking and the rest, as they say, is history. We’re happy to report Lizzy is celebrating a year Heading Right with us. It’s lucky for us, and Lizzy’s listeners, that she made the transition from full-time electoral politics to full-time radio politics. Lizzy realized she had an opportunity to reach people and truly discuss the issues “without a filter.” She noticed the same television news people asking the candidates the same exact questions and felt she could go beyond scripted television news – and she has.

And like Lizzy, all our amazing hosts can broadcast their views and talk without fear of censorship and that’s a beautiful thing.

I asked Lizzy if she had any tips to share with other hosts for putting on a successful show and she said this: “Trust your instinct and be true to yourself. If your listeners have a positive experience, they’ll be with you every time.”  In fact, she recommends scheduling programs for the same time each day or week (what’s known as “appointment listening”) because people will be more likely to tune in if they know when to find you.

Lizzy offered one last tip, and it’s a good one: Take advantage of social-networking sites like Twtter, MyBlogLog and FaceBook to promote shows and spread your message.

MediaLizzy is so passionate she has no desire to do anything else. Being a host on BTR has exceeded her expectations and she hopes to do this for a long time to come – and we hope she does too!

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