Senator John Kerry To Appear Live on Blogtalkradio

We are really excited that Senator John Kerry will appear live on Blogtalkradio on Monday 2/12 at 2:00pm EST. Senator Kerry will be joined by Senior Political Director James Boyce and Nate Wilcox, co-hosts of the show Heading Left. The live and archived show can be found here. Senator Kerry will be discussing his views on the President’s handling of the Iraq war and how we should proceed over the next year.

I often get frustrated as to how polarizing traditional media has become. Furthermore, it’s almost impossible for anyone to convey a coherent, vital message in 30 second or even 2 minute sound bites. At Blogtalkradio, we provide a platform for all points of view and in that spirit I would like to point you to Atlas Shrugs interview with Mark Steyn on Tuesday night at 9:00pm EST.On Friday night, one of our hosts, Army Wives Talk Radio was profiled on CBS Evening News with Katie Couric. Congratulations to Tara Crook and her dedication to army spouses everywhere. Here is the link.

Finally, on Friday afternoon, James and I met with representatives of Always On 100. Blogtalkradio was selected as a candidate as one of the top 100 new companies in the digital/media space. They focus on those companies and technologies that are disruptive to traditional media. Blogtalkradio, clearly is disruptive to multiple broadcast platforms but most importantly, Blogtalkradio is a medium with no barriers and no political ideology.

See you “on-air”



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