HOPE Artists on the Alan Levy Show Today

Hope artists 2

You don’t have to be an humanitarian to have interest in a worthy cause. It’s nice to want to help out when you can though. In Sudan’s war-torn Darfur, HOPE (Helping Other People Everywhere) Artists are doing what they can to help genocide survivors get their lives back, rebuild their communities and most important, restore their pride. They do this by campaigning through art and music.

The founder of HOPE Artists, Andi Scull and The Devil Came on Horseback filmmaker Brian Steidle are guests on The Alan Levy Show today. Even if you don’t have the means to give back, I hope you’ll listen and show support for people who are giving so unselfishly of their time to help others.

Tune in today at 3:00 pm EST to give a listen, call in with questions or chat online about the issues.

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