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ABC’s Claire Shipman: Anxious About Hubby’s Iraq Treks with Joe Biden

Claire Shipman is breathing a bit easier these days, now that her husband—and boss Joe Biden—have once again returned from Iraq safe and sound.

Interviewed on Army Wife Talk Radio, the senior national correspondent for ABC News’ Good Morning America discusses what it’s like having a spouse in a war zone.

CAPTION: Claire: Saluting America's military.

Claire: Salutes America's military.

“My husband changed jobs recently, and he’s now gone to work for Vice President Biden,” says Claire of Jay Carney, assistant to and director of communications for the veep, who formerly served as Time magazine’s Washington bureau chief.

“He’s now been to Iraq twice and Continue reading

‘View from the Pier’ Host Beth Wilson Makes History — as First Embedded Armed Forces Spouse

Beth Wilson is in good company – with the likes of (just to name a few) George Washington, Charles Lindbergh, Sandra Day O’Connor and Madeleine Albright.

For our View from the Pier host will go down in history as an American first; specifically, as the first spouse embedded on a mission with the armed forces.

CAPTION: Beth: Shipshape pioneer.

Beth: Shipshape pioneer.

“On April 30…Mrs. Wilson, a columnist and advocate for military families, embarked as a blogger on the USNS Comfort as part of Operation Continuing Promise,” reports The Washington Times.

“The primary mission of the Comfort is to provide medical and surgical care for all U.S. military branches. Missions are in areas where hostilities may be imminent.”

“Mrs. Wilson embarked…for 10 days to observe the mission and interview the crew.

“While aboard, she hosted her BlogTalkRadio show,” the paper writes of our Bakersfield, Calif.-based host.

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Michelle Obama Pledges Additional Support for America’s Military Spouses

Today is Military Spouse Appreciation Day, an annual even honoring the many contributions made by the spouses of U.S. military personnel to keep our nation’s armed forces strong.

In recognition of the occasion, First Lady Michelle Obama sat down with The Pentagon Channel yesterday at the White House for an exclusive interview simulcast on Pentagon Web Radio’s DoD New Media here on BlogTalkRadio.

CAPTION: “We have to invest in our military, their families, and our veterans in a real meaningful way,” the First Lady (left, with Liz) tells us. (Photo: Samantha Appleton/White House)

“We have to invest in our military, their families, and our veterans in a real meaningful way,” Mrs. Obama (left, with Liz) tells us. (Photo: Samantha Appleton/White House)

“I just saw the results of a recent survey done by Blue Star Families that shows that 94 percent of military families feel as if the country doesn’t understand their challenges,” Mrs. Obama tells host Liz Murray. “That’s a pretty powerful statement.”

“We’re seeing a 2.9 percent increase in salary for our [service- members] to ensure that we’re retaining and attracting new numbers of individuals who want to be part of the military forces and feel like they can build a life as a result,” she adds.

“In terms of our spouses, the administration is investing $80 million just for career development and training for spouses, which is critical.”

To hear the First Lady’s full interview, click here.

Queensryche Frontman Geoff Tate Spins Soldiers’ Haunting Mantra into Music

Geoff Tate may be a heavy-metal hero to fans worldwide, but this month the Queensryche frontman is exposing his sensitive side in an effort to honor heroes of a different kind.

Interviewed on You Served, Geoff – whose dad served in the U.S. military – discusses how his band’s latest musical project, a new CD titled American Soldier, came to be.

CAPTION: “How does the soldier feel in these situations?” Geoff (above) tells us he asked before setting out to pay musical tribute to the troops.

“How does the soldier feel in these situations?” Geoff (above) tells us he asked before setting out to pay musical tribute to the troops.

“So many times you see Holly- wood films and they kind of glorify things and take things out of context. But I wanted to tell the story from the soldiers’ point of view,” he tells host – and U.S. Army Master Sergeant – CJ Grisham.

Geoff, who interviewed hundreds of soldiers at random over a year as background for the concept album, goes on to reveal the inspiration for Middle of Hell, a track that CJ finds particularly poignant.

“That song comes from stories from two different soldiers. One of them was writing letters to his dad back and forth. And his dad told him before he went, ‘Look, son. You’re going into the middle of hell. So just be careful,” says Geoff.

“So the son wrote back to his dad a month later from Baghdad, ‘You’re right. This is the middle of hell. It’s nothing like I expected.’

american-soldier_300x3001“And he was talking about how scared he was so much of the time, because he didn’t know where the enemy was. It’s not like there’s guys in red coasts with uniforms on. It’s a situation where every- body is the enemy,” the rocker continues.

“He was telling me that a lot of these guys recite this kind of mantra to themselves over and over again: ‘I’m going to be alright. I’m going to be alright. I’m going to be OK. I’m going to be OK. Stay smart. Stay smart.’

“So I included that in the lyrics of the song.”

To read more about American Soldier and Queensryche’s upcoming tour, click here.

To hear Geoff’s full interview, click here.

Memorial Day on BlogTalkRadio

Whether you are having a hot dog or enjoying the weather today, Memorial Day is a time to appreciate and remember all that our citizens dedicate and sacrifice for our country.

Our BlogTalkRadio community boasts several shows that highlight the issues and importance of serving our country, such as America Supports You, Navy Homefront Talk, and Army Wives Talk Radio and SpouseBuzz to name a few.

Just last week The Smithsonian Channel aired a show to discuss their new documentary, Remembering Vietnam: The Wall at 25.

In honor of Memorial Day, our editorial team has selected a few shows to feature on the homepage that relate to the important issues we should focus on today.

Please take a moment and enjoy our programming.

Smithsonian Channel Remembers Vietnam with Jan Scruggs

VietnamFounder and President of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, and Founder of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Jan Scruggs, will join the Smithsonian Channel’s David Royle on BlogTalkRadio to discuss Memorial Day and the Smithsonian Channel documentary ‘Remembering Vietnam: The Wall at 25’ tonight at 6pm ET (click to listen).

SMITH_PMS_VERT_BLACK_sizesThe Smithsonian Channel and Showtime will celebrate the heroism of the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces this Memorial Day by airing two award-winning documentaries from the Smithsonian Channel, including REMEMBERING VIETNAM: THE WALL AT 25.

Today on BlogTalkRadio get a preview of the documentary, which goes back in time to tell the story of the memorial through the eyes of those who conceived it, those who were instrumental in pushing it through bureaucratic and political resistance, those intimately involved with its 25-year history, and those it honors. Above all, the documentary tells the story of a place that is more than a memorial – – it is a place where old wounds are healed.

The documentary will air on the Smithsonian Channel as part of a special weekend of programming on Smithsonian Channel throughout Memorial Day Weekend, May 23-26.

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Pat Dollard, Filmmaker, Blogger, Pundit

Media Lizzy welcomes Pat Dollard to BlogTalkRadio today at 3pm ET (Click to listen), for a Patriot Special. Pat Dollard joins Media Lizzy for a live, exclusive interview where you’ll get Dollard’s raw truth about War, Iraq, and politics.

Patrick Dollard was a Hollywood talent agent, manager, and producer and is now a conservative documentary filmmaker, blogger, and pundit. Dollard decided to do a side project for a few weeks in the three worst combat zones in Iraq; the resulting documentary, Young Americans, is not yet finished, but hear directly from Dollard today.