ABC’s Claire Shipman: Anxious About Hubby’s Iraq Treks with Joe Biden

Claire Shipman is breathing a bit easier these days, now that her husband—and boss Joe Biden—have once again returned from Iraq safe and sound.

Interviewed on Army Wife Talk Radio, the senior national correspondent for ABC News’ Good Morning America discusses what it’s like having a spouse in a war zone.

CAPTION: Claire: Saluting America's military.

Claire: Salutes America's military.

“My husband changed jobs recently, and he’s now gone to work for Vice President Biden,” says Claire of Jay Carney, assistant to and director of communications for the veep, who formerly served as Time magazine’s Washington bureau chief.

“He’s now been to Iraq twice and I am so happy to have our military taking care of him. I was a little nervous on the last trip.”

Indeed, just last week, shortly after the vice president arrived in Baghdad for his second unannounced visit in just over three months, militants fired mortars at the Iraqi capital’s heavily- fortified Green Zone.

“The stories I hear when Jay comes back, about General [Raymond] Odierno [the top-ranking U.S. commander in Iraq] and everybody on down, and what they’re doing. It’s so inspiring,” continues Claire, who, with Katty Kay, is author of the new book, Womenomics: Write Your Own Rules for Success.

“And at any moment when I feel a little nervous or I read about rocket attacks—thank goodness he’s in good hands.

“I’ve just felt that a lot lately.”

To hear Claire’s full interview, click here.

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