3 Podcast Monetization Predictions from Andy Toh, BlogTalkRadio’s Chief Architect & GM

This week, Seth Resler (Digital Dot Connector, Jacobs Media) interviewed Andy Toh about podcast monetization and measurement. Andy has been developing large-scale digital media properties for quite some time and is working to create ways for more hosts to earn money podcasting. As of now, only 8% of podcast hosts qualify for traditional revenue generating programs because many platforms want to see at least 5,000 downloads per latest episode before they start monetization efforts for a host. On top of this, podcasters in the 8% often leave money on the table because of how CPMs are paid for the first 45 – 60 days after a new episode. Since episodes are listened to on-demand after the 60 day mark, potential revenues are being lost.

When Andy arrived at BlogTalkRadio in 2014, he began developing technologies to extend monetization opportunities to more hosts. Here are his 3 podcast monetization predictions:

  1. As podcasters experiment with content strategies, editorial patterns will emerge. Podcast listenership will grow as more and more podcasters focus on creating high quality content that audiences love.
  2. Richer diversity of ad formats will help more podcasters access monetization opportunities and boost incomes of podcasters who are already earning podcast revenues.
  3. Automation on the buy-side will increase competition and efficiency. Right now, about 2/3 of digital ad buys are sold programmatically. Direct sales will account for premium offerings and a larger share of podcasters will be able to put their inventory up for bidding in marketplaces. 

You can read Andy’s insights and predictions about podcast revenues and check out BlogTalkRadio’s monetization platform.

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