SoundBits: Amy McCracken’s Got a Monstrous Fang Base

With the enormous popularity of Twilight on the big screen and True Blood on the little, vampires are no doubt the new black. So it should come as no surprise that Vamp Radio host Amy McCracken and her crack team of staffers have been burning the candle at both ends to bring their voracious listeners news, gossip, interviews and other goodies from those blood-sucking series. In recent weeks, for instance, the show has welcomed Twilight castmembers Daniel Cudmore, who plays Felix, and Justine Wachsberger, who plays Gianna in the upcoming sequel, New Moon. They’ve also dished with actors from the 1987 Joel Schumacher-directed vamp flick The Lost Boys, including Brook McCarter, Chance Corbitt and Billy Werth. On that note, we now take you live to deceptively bucolic Connelly Springs, N.C., where Amy resides – amid forces we mere mortals can never fully comprehend.

CAPTION: Amy: Bloody good show!

Amy: Bloody good show!

Give us a 15-second pitch for your show – why should listeners tune in?

Our show is fan-driven and down to earth, with a fun and relaxed, yet professional, vibe. We cover a variety of Vampire-related and paranormal-themed shows. We also have a great night for authors of your favorite novels. And don’t forget about our band night, when you can hear from your favorite artist, or new upcoming bands. Plus, we’re live, so you never know who’ll call in. Believe us, you never want to miss a night of Vamp Radio.

Tell us two things listeners would be surprised to learn about you?

1) I hate talking on the phone. 2) ’80s vampire movies scare the life out of me. (I can’t watch Lost Boys alone, and I’ll never watch Fright Night again.)

Who’s your broadcasting hero?

Shaun Daily, host of TV Talk right here on BlogTalkRadio. OK, I have more than one! Ace & TJ from Kiss 95.1, Charlotte, N.C.’s No. 1 morning show. These two men have done so much good for families in the Charlotte broadcasting area.

If you could book any person on earth as a guest on your show, who would it be and why?

Alex O’Loughlin! Why? Because he was the main character on the CBS’s show Moonlight. Moonlight started Moonlight Radio, which led to Vamp Radio.

As we speak, what are you wearing?

Jeans and a T-shirt. But I host my show in my Vamp Radio pajamas. We will have those for sale in about a week. (Just kidding.)

CAPTION: Great es-cape: The "Vamp Radio" team at 2008's Moonlight Gala in Chicago.

Great es-cape: Team Vamp Radio at the 2008 Moonlight Gala in Chicago.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever done while in the middle of hosting your show?

Back in January, I had Corey Haim on and in the middle of the interview I asked him to marry me. I got a rain check – then a yes.

On a side note, I would like to thank my Vamp Radio team. Without the hard work of Jess, Ashley, Gina, Angela, AngM, Sheila and our newest member, Courtney, Vamp Radio wouldn’t be on the air in all its gothic glory.

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6 thoughts on “SoundBits: Amy McCracken’s Got a Monstrous Fang Base

  1. Jess

    Thank you BTR for writing about our Vamp Radio mamma. Amy works very hard to make Vamp Radio the best show it can be and her countless hours of work definitely show in the final product. She makes Vamp Radio fun for all of us ladies.

    Congrats Amy!

    VRO Jess

  2. Katie

    Thanks BTR…I found Vamp Radio by accident several months ago and I have become addicted. I hate when I have to miss a live show. Amy and the rest of the gang make every show so much fun and you feel like a part of the family. Truly some of the best radio i’ve ever listened to.

  3. Nikki

    Thanks BTR! I’m thrilled to see Amy and the girls spotlighted. Vamp Radio was my first BTR show and is still one of my favorites. Amy (and the rest of the ladies) are amazing and work SO hard to keep us entertained and informed. I don’t get to listen as much as I’d like to lately so I want Amy to know I LOVE YA!

    Congrats Amy!


  4. GrandmaSprite

    Thanks BTR…you will never truely know just how much this woman and the other members of Vamp Radio has done for this older listener….I think of them as my family. I found them through a Twilight Web Site and have not become a fixture to every show that they do.

  5. Thaifer

    Amy is a fantastic radio presence. She has turned me onto to online radio and entertains me to no end on a regular basis. Thank you Amy!! You are awesome. And thank you BTR for recognizing Amy and her awesomeness!


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