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MC Jin

Eddie Huang talks to emcee Jin, who made his name on BET’s 106 & Park participating in Freestyle Fridays, wherein he won seven consecutive freestyle rap battles. Huang was a fan of the show in college.

Jin, although he’s been divorced from freestyle battling for a while, saying that he’s “still in tune in terms of following the sport.” He talks about 106 & Park and how important it was to battling, saying that, when he was active, “it was a completely different culture… everyone who was into that culture was like, yo, we gotta watch that.”

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Nas’ Illmatic

Eddie Huang and Elena Bergeron, joined by hip-hop writer Minya Oh, AKA Miss Info, talk about the 20th anniversary of Nas’ seminal New York hip-hop album Illmatic. Oh wrote the original review of Illmatic for the Source, where it received a perfect five-mic rating.

They sing the praises of Illmatic, saying that “everybody knows… Nas was the illest… I think Nas is, lyrically, the greatest rapper of all time… if I’m teaching my son lessons, I need [him] to listen to Illmatic.”

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Nirvana drummer Chad Channing

NorthwestPrime talks to Chad Channing, original drummer for Nirvana. Channing played on the seminal grunge group’s classic debut Bleach before leaving due to creative differences.

They talk about Seattle’s musical history, “from the Sonics to Hendrix to Heart… I associate that with the atmosphere, the weather, there’s a lot of things that can create that atmosphere and energy to write music around here.” Channing says that there’s “a lot of good variety… there’s always been so many different kinds of music… if you dig deep you’ll find a whole spectrum of stuff.”

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Eddie Huang on Rick Ross

On the first episode of his show Monosodium Glutamate, celebrity chef Eddie Huang and cohost Elena Bergeron talk about hip-hop and life in New York.

They mention rapper Rick Ross’s past as a corrections officer, saying that he “couldn’t run from it anymore” and asking “why should we care?” They mention that the revelation was at odds with his drug-dealing persona, but saying that most “never believed Ross” in the first place. He also mentions that Ross invested in rapper Wale’s now-suffering career.

Listen to the full episode here.

American Idol finalist Blake Lewis

Northwest Prime talks to American Idol finalist Blake Lewis.

Lewis talks about his drive to work hard, saying that “I get my work ethic from my dad and my talent from my mom… I work as hard as I can and I have fun doing it.” He’s grateful to the show, saying that he ” will forever be synonymous with American Idol, and that’s great… I was one of the first people to ever arrange his own music on the show,” although he “didn’t really get along too well with the producers.”

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Media mogul Russell Simmons

America Meditating talks to Russell Simmons, business magnate co-founder of Def Jam Recordings.

Simmons talks about his life as a vegan and meditation enthusiast. He says that “in America, the discussion about yogic philosophy or yogic science has been growing consistently, and that wave of consciousness has propelled me for the last twenty years. He mentions Minister Louis Farrakhan as an inspiration, saying that “it took a really street type of organization to really reach out to the kind of ignorance that I operated from… that’s what the Nation of Islam has done for millions of African Americans.”

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Talking to The Sugarhill Gang

Making History Happen talks to Wonder Mike and MAster Gee of 1970s rap group The Sugarhill Gang.

They talk about what inspired them to make music, saying that “when I was a young kid I saw the movie Hard Day’s Night by the Beatles and I looked up at the screen and thought ‘damn, thhat’s crazy’ to have girls chase you and people love you, I gotta do that.” Mike talks about “going back through my 12th grade year of high school” after having recorded their hit single “Rapper’s Delight” the summer before.

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Dionne Warwick on her new album

Dionne Warwick has had a career as a vocalist stretching over five decades, becoming the highest-charting hitmakers of the last half-century. She stops by Cyrus Webb Presents to talk about her career.

Warwick’s new album, Now, is nominated for a Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album Grammy. She calls the nomination “very exciting” and says that “to be recognized for a work that I feel very, very proud of, I think it’s wonderful.” She also says that “the fact that I’m revisiting songs that I happen to love very much” and “having both of my songs involved with the project,” including one who mixed and mastered the album, made it a very personal project for her.

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