Chrisette Michele: Five Months Later, I STILL Haven’t Got My Grammy!

Good things come to those who wait. And wait. And wait – and are still waiting as we speak.

So goes the tale of R&B diva Chrisette Michele, upon whom, on Feb. 8, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences bestowed Best Urban/Alternative Performance honors.

Otherwise put, girl snagged a Grammy.

CAPTION: "I'm grateful to God," Chrisette told us of her yet-to-be-delivered award.

"We in July now," Chrisette (above) noted vis-à-vis her still-undelivered statuette.

It was Chrisette’s first, for the track Be OK, after having been nominated two years ago in the Best Female R&B Vocal Performance, for If I Have My Way.

But this week on Mutha Knows, she revealed a frustration with the honor.

“Where’s it at?” asked host Mutha. “You got it at mom and dad’s house? Where you got that Grammy?”

“I haven’t gotten it yet,” said Chrisette. “It’s on its way somewhere in a box from Fedex – on its way to my house? I don’t know.”

“Wow! How long does it take?” said Mutha.

“I have no idea! And when was it – February?  I ain’t gonna say nothin’ crazy, though,” promised Chrisette.

But then she added: “No, I’m nice and, ahm, calm.”

Earlier in the show, the singer recalled the thrill of victory.

“When I won the Grammy on the second nomination – I’m not sure if there’s another feeling that’s the same as winning a Grammy off of you first effort.

“You don’t know what anybody’s gonna say. And for your peers to come in and say you did a good job, with a Grammy, is beyond incredible.”

To hear Chrisette’s full interview, click here.

2 thoughts on “Chrisette Michele: Five Months Later, I STILL Haven’t Got My Grammy!

  1. Mz. Optimizm

    OMG, I love Chrisette and I am so upset that she is so under-rated and over-shadowed by “others”. She has such a powerful, sultry, soulful voice with a lot of sassy appeal!! Good for you Chrisette and thank you MUTHAKNOWS!!!


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