Media A-listers Keep ‘Mediaite’ Listeners Up to Date on Horrific BP Oil Spill

There’s no question that the Gulf Coast is in need of a gargantuan flushing as BP’s broken oil well continues to spew as many as 1.8 million gallons of crude a day into our environment.

But from the sound of things, such a clean-up won’t be happening anytime soon.


Superstar spill coverage (l-r): Anderson, Brian, Kiran, Harry and Sam.

If it’s any consolation, however, BlogTalkRadio’s Mediaite—the companion radio show to leading media site—has scored a royal flush on the news-update front.

Since last Wednesday, June 2, host Steve Krakauer has welcomed five of the biggest names in TV journalism, all of whom have weighed in live from the rapidly-blackening gulf waters:

NBC News anchor Brian Williams, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, CBS’ Early Show anchor Harry Smith, ABC Good Morning America weather editor Sam Champion, and CNN’s American Morning anchor Kiran Chetry.

Here are some highlights from those interviews:


BRIAN WILLIAMS: “I got a kick out of President Obama saying that even when the cameras go away we’ll still be here for ya. That ain’t the way this is going to play out. If anything, the cameras being here have compelled outside interests, the government and BP to kick this into another gear. I think that with all due respect, the president might have had his scenario off by 180 degrees.”

ANDERSON COOPER: “BP is not very forthcoming with information. If there was as much information flow as there is oil flow we’d be in a much better position in terms of assessing what’s really going on…This is a company which had promised transparency early on. And I think they have not really lived up to that promise.”

HARRY SMITH: “There’s this big plume of oil down under the surface. And they continue to deny that it exits. It’s some kind of Alice in Wonderland world we’re living in where there’s reality on one side—and then there’s BP’s reality.”

SAM CHAMPION: “I’m tired of hearing everyone say this is the first, or this is new, or this is an experiment. A crazy amount of money had been spent to drill in deep waters in the Gulf, and if that much money wasn’t spent to make sure there wouldn’t be a problem, or to prove that it was safe, then to me, that’s wrong. It’s very, very wrong.”

To hear Brian’s full interview, click here.

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2 thoughts on “Media A-listers Keep ‘Mediaite’ Listeners Up to Date on Horrific BP Oil Spill

  1. Big Sarge

    The BP spill is as much our own leaders fault for not reacting as it is BP’s. And why did our government want an inquiry with the CEO who was supposed to be doing his job with cleanup, rather than asking questions at a congressional hearing. If I was BP CEO, I would have said here talk to my lawyer, if you really need me than subpoena me. As far as off shore drilling goes, as long as the company is doing the right thing, disasters like this can be prevented even if there is another accident. The Obama administration is just as much at fault as BP!!


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